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  1. I don’t see my MIL as often as my husband does. He definitely sees her at least weekly. I’d say I see her 1-2 times per month. He talks to her almost every day. Honestly, if my mom was alive and local I’d do the same. She needs the interaction, and since by local I mean we live 1/2 a mile from her, it’s not like it’s a huge time commitment. We’re all getting older - who knows how many years she has left. I don’t have a bad relationship with her though.

  2. Okay, I guess I shouldn't have said it's wild... like, do the parents talk to their kids about their sex lives too? Or does it only go one way?

  3. In my opinion, parents sharing details about their sex lives with their kids can be a form of emotional abuse. I have an excellent relationship with my daughter. She and I can talk generally about sex - sexual health, safe sex, preventing pregnancy, feeling safe with a partner, etc. if she chooses to ask me questions or share her stuff, that’s fine, but I’m not giving her details about her parents’ sex life. She’s almost an adult - I’m sure she knows we have sex - but I would never discuss details- it just feels like a line one shouldn’t cross.

  4. I work remotely in HR and registering the business in different states, keeping track of various state rules & regs regarding sick leave, unemployment taxes, etc is a nightmare and very expensive for companies if they don’t know their employee is not working in the state they tell the company they are. Shoot, it’s a royal pain in the ass for me to deal with and it’s my actual job and I’m the one benefiting from working remotely in a state far away from the business’ home base.

  5. What do you call your kids if both parents have different surnames?

  6. You decide as a couple what is best for your family. My husband wanted our kids to have his culture’s last name tradition (which is gendered. Males have one spelling females another) so our daughter has his last name though spelled slightly differently from his. That was fine with me. To a typical American it looks all 3 of us have different names and it’s never been an issue.

  7. This cracks me up. Happily married 20 years. Kept my name. Once had an irate woman on her 3rd marriage (and 4th name) tell me I must not be committed to my husband. Oh the irony.

  8. Our local schools send anyone with a sniffle to the ER. This is how they decided to deal with COVID as well and making kids get a note stating when they can return. I just started shifting the responsibility to the school.

  9. As a parent with a brain & common sense this school policy makes me mental. I only take my sick kid to the pediatrician if I think she needs a strep test or am seriously concerned about dehydration. (I’d rather a doc make the determination of needing iv fluids or not and possibly save myself an ER trip). If it’s a virus, I can treat a virus at home. Rest, fluids, Tylenol/Motrin, Luke warm baths if necessary, etc. I do not need to drag my sick kid to the pediatrician on day 2 of a fever to pay the co-pay, get exposed to more germs, etc just for a freaking note for the school. And, who gets over a virus in 2 days? My kid is 17 and I swear, ever random virus she’s ever had was moderately high fever (103/104 unmedicated, low grade medicated) for 4 -5 days. I get that it’s tough to miss that many days in a row, but I’m not sending a kid who can barely function to school because she’s already been out 2 days.

  10. I just want it to actually be available, period. And especially for people without type 2 DM. It’s so frustrating to know how effective and life changing these meds are and not be able to use them.

  11. Definitely agreed on the cannabis thing, especially after my psych rotation. Personally I’m in favor of raising the minimum age to 25 tbh. The data clearly supports it and I feel like legislation crafted for legalization is inherently flawed if it isn’t taking this into account

  12. Agreed on pot. I’m pro legalization but have made a point to stress the brain development issues to my kid. She wants to go to medical school. Her brain is important. Don’t screw it up for something as dumb as pot.

  13. Crocks, and flip flops only stay on your feet because you are gripping with your toes and not doing a real push off (more of a shuffle). It is a great way to give yourself tarsal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, or just trip on something.

  14. I used to get so much lip from people because the only time my kid was allowed flip flops was at the pool or as shower shoes at camp. Only closed toe shoes on bike/scooter. Same goes for heels… she was 16 before she got her first pair, and only for formal occasions. Her best friend in kindergarten had 2 inch wedge sandals.

  15. I’m a woman, so I’m not the intended audience here, but my partner’s is more important. Due to reasons I can’t actually achieve orgasm, so I’m just happy my partner can. Sex is still fun & enjoyable for me, it’s just that the big O is not my primary motivation for myself.

  16. Where specifically is this happening? Because I’m in nursing administration and I can assure you we’re bending over backwards to keep our experienced nurses with us…because frankly the fact that our charge nurses and even our educators have two years of nursing experience at most is pretty terrifying to us. Maybe this is specific to only our system? Genuinely curious where you’re getting this.

  17. Anecdotally, my mother in law was an LPN in an LTC on dementia ward. One day, she came to work and was told she needed to handle the whole floor rather than just her side because they couldn’t cover the other side. She categorically refused because that number of patients and the acuity level of the ones she was already caring for was utterly unsafe and absolutely violated rules & regs. She told the nurse manager, find someone or come in yourself, that’s your job. She’d been working at this facility 15+ years with an outstanding record. Within a month, (less than 6 months before retirement), she was let go for “insubordination.” Because yes, a baby nurse making half as much would be way less likely to push back.

  18. I was gonna say....that baby looks nearly fully cooked...

  19. By the time head is in position like that I’d say that baby is imminently planning on an exit strategy!

  20. New England - every office/clinic/hospital requires a mask. I honestly doubt it will ever go away.

  21. Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) Syndrome

  22. I never knew it had a name! You just made my day!!!!

  23. I’ll admit, I have not been to an IVF clinic.

  24. This is an anecdote from 25 years ago, so take this with a grain of salt, but when I was in undergrad I did my general healthcare at the university health center because it was convenient and cheap. I had a primary care doc who prescribed my thyroid meds & anti-depressants. He was a knowledgeable, kind, caring, and empathetic physician. He was also very, very, Catholic and everyone knew that if you wanted a discussion about birth control to skip university health services and go straight to planned parenthood. He would not prescribe OCP. It never crossed my mind at the time how unbelievably inappropriate it may have been for this doctor to practice at a non denominational university health clinic in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. So no, not every doctor is discussing contraception. Even in circumstances where it ought to be front and center (shockingly, college age women were having plenty of sex in the 90s. )

  25. Knew an ooooold doc who didn't give a fuck. He kept some business cards for a funeral home on his person at all times and would give them out to PIA, non-compliant, and obstinate patients and would hand them out to the patients and their family.

  26. Meanwhile, I send my teenagers alone or with their grandma (only one kid can drive) and get a phone call requiring me to confirm to TWO staff that I consent them being seen. I remember going to all my appointments once I could drive by myself with a five dollar bill in hand for the copay. Because it was the niiiinetiiiiiiies.

  27. Same. I wait in the car unless they absolutely need me. She’s 17. I’ve taught her how to advocate for herself in appointments, ask questions, etc. time for her to take charge of her health. Bonus, I want the pediatrician to feel comfortable asking her about sexual activities, self harm, substance use/abuse, etc without worrying about me being there. We talk about all that stuff, but I figure the more trusted adults she can speak with the better.

  28. Can’t speak for others, but I would say I carry the scars, but they are just a part of me and no longer hurt or influence my life in an acute sense. Living with a parent who is incapable of love when that’s the person who is supposed to love you is very hard on the self esteem. My teens and early 20s were challenging. By the time I hit my mid twenties after some good therapy I was able to identify that he was the problem, not me. Our lack of relationship was his loss, not mine. I mourned the loss of a good father daughter relationship because I recognized that he was who he was and I wasn’t willing to make myself smaller to have a relationship with him. I was fortunate to have at least one good/protective parent though.

  29. Your assumptions seem to be colored by your experiences, which is understandable. I grew up with one Narc parent and one loving, amazing parent who did everything she could to shield us from Narc parent. We were my mom’s whole world and never, ever did I feel like a burden to her. The opposite, really. Pretty sure we were her joy.

  30. But not all patients at ortho are op patients right away. Mild/moderate knee/hip osteoarthritis is typically managed non operative for as long as patient tolerates alternative therapies (PT, NSAIDS, injections, etc.)

  31. Is Paxlovid in short supply? Why all the gatekeeping?

  32. Paxlovid is still under Emergency Use Authorization, which means it’s not approved to use for off-label uses, like fully approved medications are. Technically, everyone getting it at this point should meet all the criteria, including being symptomatic, and having at least one risk factor for progression to severe covid disease. Which is pretty broad, but I’ve definitely had asymptomatic or completely risk-factor free people wanting it.

  33. “Being symptomatic” does that include mild symptoms? I thought the Paxlovid is more effective the earlier in the disease process it is started, and aren’t the more severe symptoms (shortness of breath, high fever, clots, etc) the ones that don’t show up until several days in to infection? The day I tested positive (and started Paxlovid) I had a mild sore throat and felt tired. If I didn’t have a positive COVid test it’s the sort of thing that I wouldn’t have ever bothered to call my pcp. I thought the way the antiviral works is to prevent the riskier symptoms from happening. If you wait until you’re short of breath/coughing 5 days into infection isn’t the efficacy of the Paxlovid diminished?

  34. Woman chiming in, hope it’s okay. Men are people and there is no overarching truth that applies too all of them. Some are amazing, some assholes, some smart, some dumb, some sensitive, some narcissists… just like women. Pay attention when anyone shows you who they are, treat others with basic kindness and respect, and trust your gut.

  35. Is there a particular reason you can’t move out? At 20, it is courteous to let your parent know you’re leaving/may not be home for dinner if you normally eat together, etc, but she’s treating you like you’re 12, not 20.

  36. Gotcha. I understand. I hope you’re able to save/find another living situation soon. I’m so sorry you are in the position of having to stay where you are right now.

  37. Been groped by so many older women. Those women are like animals. No boundaries, no care, just touch what they want.

  38. As a “older” woman (44? Am I old yet?) I want you to know I find this behavior reprehensible. Consent is a thing for a reason. Bodily autonomy is a basic human right. I’ll die on this hill. Keep speaking up, keep saying no. You absolutely should.

  39. My doc refused to do this bump. I would have loved to do it though.

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