The Chinese Balloon Shot Down

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Sheesh, sounds brutal


  3. There is a ton of stored energy in a garage door spring.

  4. We had a spring break on a 14ft high door at a warehouse. As the door was going up the spring broke which in turn put torque on the door. The wheels on door left the track shot across the room like missiles.

  5. None of this shit would have happened if Trump was in office.


  7. My Dad told my siblings and I that he would never buy us a car. We had to work and earn the money to buy and maintain a car. He would help with financing or maybe with a down payment. His reasoning was that if you earned a car you would take care of your investment.

  8. St. James Infirmary in Mountain View, Ca.

  9. My favorite is Redwoods National Park. Love being among the big trees, I always feel like I am going back in time.

  10. I think 175,000 is a pretty good wage for someone who does nothing but tweet all day.

  11. Three, however I don't think it would have done much damage over rural Montana if they had chose to shoot it down over the mountains...

  12. You have to consider what they are shooting it down with. That has to come down also.

  13. My wife and I weaned ourselves of caffeine but not coffee. We bought both regular and decaf. We started by making a pot with 3/4 reg to 1/4 decaf. We slowly increased the decaf until it was 100%. We still drink the same amount. The big thing I noticed is I am sleeping better and not waking up in the morning craving coffee.

  14. Do yoy know what is not oddly satisfying? Driving east across this area. And continuing into Kansas (or Nebraska). And then further. Mind-numbingly NOT 3D or interesting.

  15. I did that drive from Denver to Kansas City once. Once was enough. Just miles and miles of miles.

  16. I'm not a veteran but my Dad who flew 25 bombing missions in WWII always said that both Twelve O'clock High and Memphis Belle were both as he described "Hollywood crap"

  17. No one wants to believe me when I tell them the Florida Panhandle is central. I’m constantly doing the well actually and providing a map

  18. And only one hour difference from eastern Oregon.

  19. Growing up in the Pacific time zone I had never actually seen SNL live until a couple of years ago.

  20. Franco Harris. I always thought that he was a good running back on a great team. Instead of putting his head down and getting a few extra yards he would run out of bounds.

  21. Burger King burger buddies. Little square sliders that were sooo good.

  22. If I have more than a few items I refuse to use self-checkout. If I have to checkout myself, I'm giving myself a discount.

  23. Our local grocery store has gone completely self checkout, no checkers at all. I will only go there if I need just a couple of things. Other that that I’m driving a couple extra miles to their competitor for my large grocery needs.

  24. Grew up in Tehachapi. This was a great spot to go smoke when we were in high school. Only bummer was ever once in a while you’d get a train enthusiast pull up to the spot and hang out watching the trains. One time, right as we were about to start smoking, a car pulls up and it’s a couple from Germany. They were train enthusiasts and travelled all the way just to see “the loop”. They were so surprised a group of high school kids were interested enough in trains to be out there. We just talked to them for 20 mins and left without smoking.

  25. You grew up in Tehachapi? My condolences.

  26. As a musician yes, as a songwriter he is awesome.

  27. Turnover on downs, and we'll take a break.

  28. Man if you are at the game, the players do a lot of just standing around.

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