Roommate destroyed my setup before I got home

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  1. I don’t even know how to add to my wallet. I got the phone app, loaded a hundo and just let it sit.

  2. He literally created tokens named after their stock counterparts for many of the meme stocks. Before they were frozen/delisted they would have been listed as $AMC, $GME etc etc. Sam packaged them with the promised that each token was backed 1:1 with a real share from the stock market.

  3. I can’t wait to see Sam in jail. The sheer volume of fraudulent activity in that company is mind boggling.

  4. Gold doesn't have the us army or the backing of the government lol, that gold is just gonna get traded for dollars elsewhere lol

  5. Ghana doesn’t care what happens to the gold after it leaves their hands. The point was to untether the value of the US dollar to local foods such as refined oil in local economy.

  6. I was struggling with subnetting until I watched this video series on YouTube "subnetting mastery playlist by practical networking" and now I run through subnetting like it's nothing, it's really not that hard I promise. Just watch that series of videos in total they are less than 30 minutes and you'll be good.

  7. I’m going to check this out when I get home. I did pretty well with subnetting last semester but a refresher is always good.


  9. You can hire someone with paper hands to do the wiping.

  10. Maybe try starting with learning about url shortening first and could give you some "distant" idea as to how to go about analyzing the URL for tracebacks or what have you...NetworkChuck (on YouTube) has a good in depth video about url shortening.

  11. Thank you! For some reason I never got a notification of a reply here

  12. Half right. Not your keys, not your coin. Anyone Using a CEX for crypto clearly doesn’t understand it’s core concepts and probably shouldn’t touch it in the first place.

  13. Half y’all are little fucking thieves who “borrow” pencils and lighters without immediately returning them.

  14. Most of those types of deals I’m seeing are on games that are several years old. Back in the day a game would only be full price for roughly a year and then it’s non-sale price would start to dip. Things like “Breath of the Wild” would already have a standard price of $30 after 5+ years of being out. Instead I see it on sale for 39.99!

  15. Every year Black Friday and cyber Monday deals get worse and worse. I still remember when deals were so good that customers literally killed each other to be first in line.

  16. Use a voice recorder when you ask about it and now you have proof. Not sure about UK law, but here you can use voice recorder without announcing in case you don't have other ways to gather proof, I guess this could be a great example why such laws are necessary.

  17. OP really needs to check his local laws regarding voice recording. In many areas voice recording without consent is a felony.

  18. Tap your head when talking to them and say “I’m recording this…..pause…..up here”.

  19. This would work if OPs roommate is stupid enough to knowingly admit a crime on tape. That is a big if.

  20. Jesus. Those smart locks have apps. You can see when the door was last unlocked or locked and by whoever has access to it. I hope they look into it.

  21. I normally lurk here but I highly advise using traditional locks instead of smart locks. Anything digitized that communicates with other devices can be taken out by some one with mediocre computer skills and enough patience.

  22. Easy peasy. Mix a bit of lecithin, I'd say about 1/4 teaspoon is what I use. Mix a couple of grams into that. Add fat(or glycerin) of choice . Add to whatever you make. Distillate is already activated

  23. Use lecithin - 15 min they should kick in , and kick in they will. First symptom is the sweating ha ha.

  24. I have a jar of distillate, what would the process of turning it into a edible look like? Just thought I’d ask

  25. Cheapest I saw when moving out of my old house was $2K.

  26. Go to /illegallifeprotips to get the variant of this where you load everything into your pickup truck or minivan and go to a nearby apartment complex, university, or kfc and throw it into their dumpster.

  27. This is crazy. One institution reporting wouldn’t paint much of a picture. They ALL decided to not report on APE. Did they all decide together? Were they told not to?

  28. I posted a question about this on fidelity but the post seems to have been discretely removed. It shows up when I view my history but cannot be found in the sub.

  29. Only when you are truly zen will you achieve what you are seeking. This is fud. This type of chart prediction holds no real weight.

  30. This came from Pipesandcigars. Which, I understand is owned by the same company as Cigars International. Had I known that beforehand, I would’ve opted for a different vendor.

  31. What’s wrong with cigar international? I’m doing research for my parents trying to find them good product at good prices so I’m not super familiar with the industry as a whole.

  32. I don’t even understand - marijuana vs THC products? I get flower versus edibles/concentrate like they’re saying here, but why the distinction?? I hate all the bullshit caveats they add to make it so ambiguous that they can enforce whatever they want based on their whims. It’s dangerous to citizens and unethical to not be clear. But also, when has any authority ever given a shit about ethics?

  33. The crazy thing is that vapes and flower don’t have THC in it… Edibles do. Vapes and flower have THCA which turns into THC after burning. So this is stupid in multiple ways.

  34. I have some interest in learning about Linux after my networking classes introduced me to a small set of commands. Would you recommend just diving in and getting a Linux OS or should I do some serious research first?

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