Dentist numbed her face

Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

A glowing commendation for all to see

Innocent laughter

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

When laughter meets percussion

I can't help but look.

  1. That I can kill her with mods. I ain't got time for vampire scum.

  2. personally, i hate the fact that she's both a vampire and a w*man 🤮🤮

  3. I heard some theories that he might be gough. But I doubt it

  4. you can, but it takes a whole lot longer and it's overall more efficient (and fun imo) to just go full bulk-mode for a while

  5. As a Canadian I’ll never understand how the biggest and richest country in the world is the only one where Racism is still a real problem.

  6. Castle Morne for me. There is so much going on in that castle. You're presented with a giant archer who fires arrows as big as a tree.

  7. The Sewers. I love how they have many paths that come back to a central point.

  8. Sewers is unironically tied with Stormveil for best level design in the game imo

  9. and there was the trapdoor shields in ds3, bjt they were paired not powerstanced

  10. ancient dragon lightning spear is kinda like lightning stake, just slower

  11. Aren't they only in Markarth? No snow over there, so it's probably not that cold.

  12. Skyrim is still the northernmost province on the continent though. even if there's no snow, it's still probably like 40 degrees there on a good day

  13. Didnt Nords come from Atmora which is even northerner than Skyrim

  14. Rhuam, a warrior-sage demigod who merged with the storm spirit Radavah and founded an entire civilization in the Black Desert, vs. Amanor Slej, the tyrant-lord of Issil Koer

  15. You realize there is a perk in game that allow you see through walls right? It’s called true sight. Which he is clearly using.

  16. thats what they're referring to bro. wall hacks is just the nickname for it

  17. As if almost 800 pounds is unimpressive no matter how shallow the reps are.

  18. nah its legit unimpressive. leg press numbers mean pretty much nothing

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