1. Yep, it's just a fanmade. I even set flair, that it is not a real thing.

  2. Due to Hide and Seek update, it's no longer possible to get Christmas/Halloween items via Abusing playerprefs x old ver. Among Us, and Changing Date thing was working like before cosmicubes update, i think...

  3. Well, from my games with My Name Geoff visor, there are more questions of "hoW Did yOu Do tHAt?!" instead of kick/ban

  4. Mini crew is more likely will be used. Trust me, i've got all bundles, but can't let go this little buddy..

  5. The only possible way (Downgrading your game version) to get Halloween 2019 hats, was patched after Hide and Seek update.

  6. it was a thing that happened with combining accounts and some exp problems in the game and innersloth decided to still give around the amount of exp you would've collected in the time period, so people at level 100 got experience added to their total. KaraCorvus is level 109, someone else i know is 103. i wish i was level 100 at the time, but sadly till on level 92 but rising slowly

  7. I got this today, by playing random Hide and Seek lobbies. My level 100 was reset to level 1. By reaching level 2, i've decided to re-launch.

  8. After Hide and Seek Update, there is no longer possible to get Halloween and Christmas old hats via downgrading, because of playerprefs are no longer here. There is a new player.amogus which don't rely on playerprefs info.

  9. From the Twitch Rivals Discord, there is information that in Community Cup, Twitch Drops not included. No mentioning about Among Us, but for Fall Guys, which will be played in Community Cup too...

  10. playerprefs is gone. That means you can't get a Christmas 18' Bundle and Halloween 2019 hats anymore.

  11. There is 5 Year Anniversary coming June 15 and Summer Game Fest 2023 at June 8.

  12. I've heard that this codes expire at December 10, the day after The Game Awards 2022.

  13. Source? twitch drops never expired after you claim it

  14. You can get it by linking someone's Twitch account with already recieved Glitch Pet. By Among Us wiki, you can get Glitch Pet unlimited times.

  15. There was actually a thing, when players lost their Twitch items.

  16. The way to get those items are patched in recent update.

  17. I've tried recently to get those items (Christmas ones, actually) But it seems, all data is now on servers, and playerprefs is now a player.amogus.

  18. WOAH, what's the mask are you wearing? Cheater?

  19. what mask was it? Not calling you out, just curious

  20. The only possible way to get those, was a old version glitch (like downgrading to 2020.11.4 version)

  21. "Presents Dude" is a part of Holiday '18 Bundle. You'll need to get a old version of Among Us (like 2020.11.4) if you want to get those.

  22. Well, same thing was with Halloween '19 hats this year.

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