1. Purchased a pair of Edgeswitch 500W PoE - ES-48-500W from

  2. Being a field tech was great at the point in my career I did it because it allowed me to learn lots of different environments and configurations, allowed me to see the innerworkings of all sorts of organizations (non profits, law firms, dentistry offices, etc) and understand the software nuances of those systems, and how to adapt to both legacy systems and advanced systems. I got experience on tons of different hardware and operating systems, and I didn't have someone watching over my shoulder all the time, which was definitely a plus. Future me appreciates getting to see all of this because its helped me understand risk management better to understand not every business is cookie cutter of another. I also found the soft skills I learned from working in the office with my clients instead of just on the phone with them helped me a ton as well, which has all helped me in progressing my career.

  3. If they're reimbursing for mileage and parking, 75k is totally reasonable- its about what I was making when I was a field tech (iirc it was around 65 in 2006.) I think its a great jump from tier 1 helpdesk- it'll have a big learning curve but if you're up for the challenge its super worth it.

  4. Black Jack will give you the effects you describe for daytime. Jedi Kush is an evening strain for me because it starts getting heavy and sleepy about an hour into it and usually asleep by hour 2.

  5. Awesome. Now that I'm going with the Black Jack. I'm trying to pick between 2.83 of Cuban Lynx or Salty Watermelon? Have you had either?

  6. I've gotten to try Salty Watermelon and I felt energized and productive. Loved it. Thank you!

  7. If you didn't use a so-clean uv device or it wasn't in a humid enviorment then you probably won't have issues with the foam degrading. You can replace the faulty airchamber yourself with one from amazon (without the foam) for $30, it took me 20 minutes to replace mine on both machines.

  8. Well, the bedroom we sleep in has no windows and no central A/C. Gets very warm and depending on weather, pretty humid. Not sure how humid it needs to be. Never cleaned it with UV, so that's good.

  9. Did you have any of these symptoms before the CPAP use ? Possibly another underlying health issue that is unrelated? Im interested in getting health screenings done as well so if you obtain helpful info from your doctor, please post

  10. Honestly, Not that I remember. HOWEVER, I have gained some weight and I'm working through fixing that as well.

  11. Does she not like you having individual friends? Doing your own hobbies by yourself?

  12. Everything, and I mean everything, gets turned around to me having to apologize. Even if I'm not in any wrong. Little fights turn into huge blowups and I try to walk away and recoup my emotions, but she continues to push and push.

  13. This sounds terribly bad for you and your mental health.

  14. Not to mention, I already battle mentally with being diagnosed Bipolar and I take medications for that to help alleviate, but I feel like my mental is slipping anymore. I can't keep infiltrating thoughts at bay anymore and I had a mental breakdown last weekend right before heading to pick my son up for the weekend. Which caused me to not be able to be the one to get him.

  15. The dates by themselves will not be useful. You would need to engineer a new feature first, like number of days since last video game release for each shooting. A simple scatter plot and linear regression would show any relationship.

  16. This worked to get me the Vgsales for those years of shootings, however, I need to also get the data from the shootings_rev2 table to correlate when there were shootings, so I would need the date_of_shooting, fatalities, and wounded columns.

  17. Note that I'm on Linux, and I believe you're on Windows, so this version might not work for you either. At the moment I can't remember if MySQL keeps track of newline delimiter at the server level.

  18. What is the CREATE TABLE statement for the table you're trying to import it into?

  19. I know what you're going to say, however, I want to ask you first. How hard is it to create scrapers and downloading the data that way?

  20. Yeah your best bet is probably Python or R :)

  21. Oh? May I ask, what is the difference between the two?

  22. Looks like the right one was grown with my family genes...

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