1. I want to build a deck but should i wait till the 50% off sale to spend any gems? Anyone know when the next one will be?

  2. If Konami doesn't give us Cubic support this coming DSOD event I'm gonna normal summon aleister so hard on their corpses.

  3. Any good cards for getting rid of Relinquished equips (1) on my side of the field and (2) during my turn? (for when I want a new equip)

  4. I saw that Parallel Twister is also a good card for what you want.

  5. Witch Raider requires trap cards, which the equiped monsters are not treated as.

  6. You will be waiting quite a while, easily until 2024.

  7. Wonder since there's no clear new worlds anymore (unless they go manga/filler) if they'll do more unlocks and lvl cap increases 🤔

  8. Would be cool if someone can make an Excel sheet to show the lifeline of every deck from release to support to nerfed/nerfed even more to unbanned.

  9. I must be stupid and not reading something but sometimes when I summon Chimeratech Rampage Dragon and while I have other monsters on the field, only it can attack in battle phase? Why so?

  10. Im guessing you used cyberload fusion to summon it, which only lets you attack with the monster you summon with it that turn.

  11. Anyone have any idea when the next discounted box sales will come back?

  12. Probably January with the anniversary celebration

  13. Theres usually 2 boxes added in Dec, 1 in early Dec and another on new years (31st)

  14. You don't have to view the summon animations and the summon animation doesn't mean it counted either since you still get the animation with "improper summons"

  15. Oh good I’m glad I can have my cute dagron baby still. c:

  16. Basically when the new box came out the only photon cards the deck still uses is galaxy eyes photon dragon and photon stream

  17. As the powercreep became more and more prevelant with ways to otk through 8k lp with high consistency through support cards being searchers or combo starters they decided that it would be best to attempt to slow the game state down via negates (effect veiler, ash, ghost belle, imperm) and even counters to negate those cards (called by and crossout)

  18. Weird rule enforcement where posts get marked as "low effort" or "unrelated to duel links/yugioh" and adding Yugi hair seems to prevent it

  19. Hi guys. I redownloaded DL today after a 3 year hiatus and I noticed they added Trickstars! I also noticed I am like 1-2 weeks too late to unlock and farm her for the important cards after investing a whopping 6k Gems in the Trickstar booster set.

  20. Usually the other month after the unlock event. So since her unlock was in October, the rerun should happen in December with 2 new cards.

  21. Why didn't Summon Breaker activate properly when the opponent performed the 3rd summon?

  22. It did activate properly, they just responded to the effect before it resolved

  23. Yeah, just the random Nov event I think (5b downloads, 15b duels, 25th manga anniversary and now 77.7b cards)

  24. More interested in heart earth tbh cuz now we can easily make the dragon and that card is good. Also garbage lord is my spirit animal

  25. It's purpose was to get people invested in links so unless a new mechanic comes out that Konami wants people to invest in we will be back to 500 gems

  26. Clear UI for ranked (and KC) duels so you know how many matches till rank up/down before starting the duel

  27. In the context of Legacy Duels what is the difference between Sphere and Security Orb? Are people actually playing Remove Trap and Trap Master? I don't think so.

  28. Main difference would be that sphere is searchable with witch of the black forest (which can be done after tributing them)

  29. Honestly, it is optimal to go off when it seems like you don't need to because your opponent may very well be sitting on a Kiteroid you need to chew through.

  30. I def hav a kiteroid after revealing that I play self burn cards via duality 😎

  31. Ah yes, the greatest effect in yugioh: "Summon this card from your hand"

  32. Trying to win a duel can take 3-6 minutes usually for 50-60 [whatever the event currency is called now]

  33. How come some players get to choose where to put their monsters / set cards? Is that a thing they can do from PC or are those mods?

  34. In the duel settings menu you can choose between 3 placement settings

  35. Anyone actually make a themed deck for Rio Kastle that lets you summon her signature monsters? I’d love to see some.

  36. You can make a deck with swallows nest, blizzard thunderbird, blizzard falcon and aurora wing, but it won't be good for pvp.

  37. I was gonna suggest the starting skill plus Crystal Rose, but the starting skill only adds Rose and not a Maestra. Seems like an oversight.

  38. It literally doesn’t work. The point of those skills is so you can summon the ace monster if you don’t have it. As far as I know, this is the only one with that issue.

  39. Good luck getting on the tire list!

  40. Honestly it would have to be more like 100k for 1 gem, 10k is too low. This guy has enough gold for another 9999 gems under that price.

  41. They could make it a daily thing rather than just a matter of price, ie you can buy a certain amount of gems for gold but only once every 24h

  42. I am not sure if I can get my old account, but what would be the fastest way to build a synchron deck in this game as a fresh account?

  43. Hey thank you very much! I spent a lot of time earlier getting some things together. I might save some of these SR dream tickets for the tunings to be more efficient.

  44. I've been wanting to make them for quite some time, but since I'm f2p the investment didn't seem worth it to me ☹

  45. Wait. How did u pick gems instead of drillago when the other options are 2 SR jewels and a result booster? 😧

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