1. This is pretty much what the .22 that came through my wall looked like when some neighbors had a disagreement about who was cheating during their dice game. 😂

  2. The first legalized move in mma history, a must for any serious match

  3. Fuck. Would a macio Parker cover band work instead?

  4. Never seen this movie. Always looked like a corny tech demo to me.

  5. It sucked. Looked awesome in 3d, but not worth watching if it's not in imax 3d.

  6. It looks ok, for me it was the 3d aspect of it that made it look good, otherwise it was just colorful. But don't let your dreams be dreams, build that imax, DO IT!!

  7. I always loved dark city, haven't seen it anywhere ro stream in forever though!

  8. Excuse me sir, these are cartridge sleeves, honestly some people...

  9. She had a house that she still owns and she rents it out. My name isn't on it and her name isn't on the house that we live in. We both had kids and assets before we got married and we keep it all separated.

  10. Thank you for clarifying, it sounded like you guys had your own houses and lived separately, but we're married together and I couldn't piece all that to fit.

  11. David Lee Roth inspiring the wrestler Shawn Michaels.

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