1. Why do regards always draw “trend” with two fucking datapoints, go back to highschool

  2. It still doesnt excuse the problem, mathematically you can pick any random two points and draw a line passes through them perfectly.

  3. The drop wasn't caused by intervention. The BoJ intervened several times and each failed.

  4. They succeeded. They stuffed FX speculators with billions USD. You do not judge an FX intervention immediately but wait a while. And here we are.

  5. Yes. There could be opportunities connected to illiquid days and year end.

  6. I dont actually get why the JPY went bullish after this. How do these treasuries effect the currencies?

  7. Inflation is a complex force. After 12 years of free money, it is likely we will see lots of turbulence.

  8. I dont know what bond yields are.

  9. This is the official rate, loss of purchasing power is likely much higher.

  10. Although successive rate increases, the treasury 10 years bond is flat since few weeks / light decreasing. Same for the exchange rate dollar: Euro. We were close from 1:1 and since 2 months, the dollar became once again stronger.

  11. Seems you are already a lucky collector!😈😈😈😜😜😜

  12. Scalping on liquid market is hard enough. On an illiquid one, it is asking for disaster.

  13. Most likely you do not cut your losses quickly. They seem to morph into "catastrophic" losses.

  14. Pro tip: do not trade FX on the news. It is a ruthlessly efficient market, so "breaking news" is rarely so.

  15. The Cleveland Fed Nowcast is 0.47 MoM and 7.49% YoY. I think the expectation is 7.3% YoY.

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