1. Here are some other bits of information per IMDb for those interested:

  2. 3 being the worst rated episode is insane to me, it’s one of my favorites lol

  3. No matter what I put the change back on the bad, unfortunately we shouldn’t have to but yeah

  4. I used to play threes a lot at my old bar. Haven’t gotten dice to do it at my new spot. But what a fucking great game that’ll keep people in their seats for hours. Usually play dollar games but also play with the rule if two people tie its double to buyback in. With larger groups of people I’ve had that go to an 80$ buy in. I won 600$ on a game once. But I’d also say I’ve definitely lost a lot of tips over the years playing.

  5. Threes at afters was always fun, we got way out of hand with $1,000+ games with $100 buy ins real quick though

  6. Dual citizen but yes I’m in Ohio!

  7. One of my personal favorites I have heard, but don’t typically say

  8. Totally, it was Bernies. I think Johnny's records was right there, Charley's to the North and Jimmy Johns to South. Raisin' Canes had their best location right around there too. But I may be a block or so off.

  9. That Huntington Bank branch over there used to be Flying Pizza and you could get 2 slices and a soda for $5 iirc? So good

  10. Man I miss Fly Pi and the lunch special

  11. It was gone by time I went to college here, but my dad was friends with the owners and we went for lunch all the time when I was a kid

  12. I actually beat pontiff in about 3 tries. That guy is allergic to shields, he can easily be parried and he has a small healthbar so one riposte was like a seventh of his health (Praise the titanite! Maybe I was overlevelled!). I didn't have much trouble with the bosses in DS3 mainly because I haven't tried the DLC yet, but strangely Dancer gave me the most trouble.

  13. I didn’t party Champ Gundyr and got his first try, pontiff took me like a week tho

  14. Black flame Friede Gael Twin princes Pontiff Nameless king Champion gundyr

  15. Champ Gundyr is a surprising one to me!

  16. Barbacked and served from 19-20, full time bartender the day I turned 21!

  17. He was there with Dave Chappell after his concert a couple years ago. I almost saw them, I was driving down high st after the concert and saw some big black suvs and a all black Mercedes parked illegally across the street from press grill and the next day I find out they were there.

  18. The time I’m thinking of was like 7 years ago probably

  19. I have seen / met too many to list, but the most famous probably being Obama at OSU or Kanye at Press Grill

  20. Ruth Chris’s or however the fuck it’s spelled

  21. Checks over stripes all day, gimme that Nike.

  22. First play through currently, had no problem getting to Pontiff, absolutely getting my shit kicked by him tho. I usually get him around 10% hp left and lost patience, need to git gud.

  23. Try to get rid of the habit of looking at the boss's HP too much and instead focus on your stamina bar (while checking your own HP too) - it helped me surprisingly much.

  24. My background in gaming is competitive PvP where I’m used to being able to make impatient decisions and come out on top off raw mechanical skill, From games definitely stress the importance of patience and not getting greedy lol

  25. Wait, I thought dry meant w dry vermouth, am I stupid as hell for this?

  26. “Dry” in the context of a Martini order means less vermouth than 2:1. Dryness varies by preference, from 3:1 to no vermouth at all.

  27. Travis Kelce bought me a shot of Hennessy and dapped me up, cool dude.

  28. I once held the door open for Cardale Jones (not obsequiously, just politely), and he didn't say thank you.

  29. I’m acquainted with him he’s always super nice and tips really well too

  30. At the spot I’m currently at, bartenders are responsible for cleaning the bar they are at front and back, then the barbacks sweep, mop, etc the floor seating area and the restrooms.

  31. What cities do you guys work in where you can clear 80-90k behind the bar?

  32. I make just shy of that mark in Ohio

  33. Generally more money based on sheer volume of tips, generally more insufferable customer base. It really just depends if you deem the pay worth the headache.

  34. XR Adderall and keep it pushing honestly

  35. Also if a Grocery store with a bar is around you, you only have to be 19 to pour beer and wine I’m pretty sure.

  36. I walk to and from work as much as I can. The fresh air walk home really helps lower the stress and I feel like when I walk on my door, my day is actually over.

  37. That pre/post shift walk home hits different

  38. It’s real easy to drink lots of shots when you’re busting ass and moving around.

  39. Every bar I have worked at has used Boston’s

  40. Whoever voted for OSU should be removed from this sub

  41. Dad played hockey there, mom worked there my whole life, grew up less than a mile from campus, Santonio Holmes was my favorite player as a kid and when he went to the Steelers is when I became a fan.

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