1. … you are still concerned about security after voluntarily letting someone have your device and PIN?

  2. Yeah there’s nothing on there they could get to if you keep credentials in Bitwarden which they cannot unlock. Anything in iCloud Keychain is superfluous stuff on my end.

  3. Agreed. Which is why having the most critical credentials sequestered separately in Bitwarden is a good Add’l layer of protection compared to having it all in Keychain where such access would easily give you access to all of that.

  4. Thank you all for your helpful replies. I'm not familiar with Yubikey so it looks like I have some more research to do.

  5. If Yubi is too much of a commitment, consider OTP apps like Aegis or Raivo OTP.

  6. u should only need to add yodlee/banktivity to your approved apps list once in chase if it's making you do it every time it's not set up correctly in chase probably

  7. I see Banktivity listed there as an approved app. How does one add Yodlee ?

  8. no just the one thing, that's odd i would maybe try disconnecting it and reconnecting my grandpas doesnt do that and i have client using banktivity with chase also and hers doesn't do that either

  9. My Chase account is probably more firmly locked down due to earlier attempts at an intrusion (which did not succeed). I wonder if that’s the problem I’m having. I just wish someone in Chase tech support could help me.

  10. If you can’t find a Chevy Bolt, consider a Hyundai Kona. About the same size & specs.

  11. As far as I’m concerned: you’re hired as you’ll never goof this up again. 👍🏻

  12. I went to Michelin CrossClimates. The braking distance scared me on the Nexens.

  13. Is this the speech where Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex ?

  14. Good. Tell him to buy the proper size bit to remove the dish without using a ripper.

  15. Rest of it looks good. A few shortcomings on the finishing steps. Will see what they offer today.

  16. Thank you. What about for iPhone? I forgot to put that I use iPhone in my OP

  17. What’s the verdict on the metal roofs ? It seems more difficult to locate a roofer that does this on a regular basis - most seem more comfortable quoting tar shingles in my area and they say metal roofs would need more insulation in the attic and would cost a lot more.

  18. You need to find someone who specializes in metal roofs. Most roofing companies will steer you away from them because they don’t know how to install them. It’s like if you went to a Honda dealership looking for a Ferrari. They don’t sell them. They can’t make money on you.

  19. It has not been easy finding someone who does this. Or, I don’t really have reliable references in a roofer that does. That has not been easy to come by. (in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley).

  20. I’m not an expert and don’t have my protractor on me but am I the only one that perceives this as more than 45° from H ?

  21. It runs the gamut. Some places have decent ChargePoint stalls and reasonably enough of them (3-5?)

  22. Great look & composition & tonality. Really cohesive in its overall tonality. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. My great great something grandfather, a jew, was re-named Adolph when he took on the french nationality. Didn't really bother anyone until 1939. Even then, he allegedly insisted "it was my name before being this buffon's". He remained proud of it until his death as it represented his national pride for him, and it's the name written on his tombstone.

  24. My grandmother was an Eastern European refugee during WW2, and her name was Adolfine (pronounced Ah-dolf-een-ah).

  25. if you have Messages sync enabled in your iCloud settings, it should get things like this synced between your devices. Reading or deleting a message on one device will have that status reflected on the other (with iMessages, not SMS texts).

  26. Yes it’s shockingly out of sync. I don’t see any add’l settings to tweak it better (and yes some of those are SMS so that’s understandable, although one would think Apple could get their status to sync as well since my AppleWatch is GPS only and is based off the iPhone’s data no matter what).

  27. Let’s not forget that we continued QE a little longer and stronger than the 2008 financial meltdown probably required. It’s was just too damned convenient. That didn’t start us in the best place when we really began printing $ in 2020, even if interest rates were low (part of QE strategy as well).

  28. With the current tech, that's true. However new battery tech, more efficient motors, etc could increase the range without increasing the weight of a vehicle.

  29. Will we see EVs with 1,000 mile range ? Sure, someone will do it. And I’m sure we’ll gain efficiency in electric motors and more so in battery tech.

  30. It is unfortunate that more people don’t change stalls to the slower / L2 chargers to top-off their vehicles. Leave the faster ones open for cars that can pull 75 kWh+ for a charge up to 80%

  31. Sure. But OPs car pretty much peaks at 75 and goes downhill from there. Same with the other cars charging in this scenario.

  32. Might also depend on how much the car is doing to cool the battery while charging, and it’s cooling fan running for all the heat under the hood with that much DC pumping in.

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