1. Oh for sure. Freddies family lives near both LA and SD. Her family lives in Florida. If these are the teams he’s considering than to me it looks like he just wanted to be closer to family while also getting paid

  2. If I were going to get paid to be closer to home AND further from my in-laws, that's a win-win

  3. Freddie’s agent: Please up your offer Dodgers

  4. His belief that somehow investors would love to pour their money into a website that just hosts Twitter posts.

  5. You know investors are out there like "Should I invest directly in Twitter, or a Twitter aggregator with somehow worse moderation?"

  6. i would argue there’s a reason why mods have shaped one of the more popular subreddits into a twitter feed.

  7. You would be wrong to think that there's influence of the admins on what does and doesn't get posted. The admins don't care enough about the sub or get kickbacks for Twitter traffic, their main goals are to get more users and to get them to use the new design, they don't care if they're making self posts or tweets.

  8. ard8 says:

    Joe Davis but I hope he can stay at SNLA too

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