POS coach beats youth player after game

So buff, wow

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  1. The other ones weren't great sellers and wouldnt have yo be thrown out due to expiration!

  2. She was giving them formuala well after they should have been on whole milk probably because she wasn't feeding them anything good! It was easier than making them actual food!

  3. I agree Ihave never hated someone I haven't met so much! But ever time he said with all do respect or thats neither here or there I wanted and still want to punch his FACE!

  4. Yeah I have never needed protection while in a funeral procession and i am a woman!

  5. Also why in the world isnt Florida praising Vidler and the other one for getting this dangerous, women beater, insurance fraud (by destroying his own vehicles) etc!

  6. Please tell me someone tols this person he isn't or wasnt ever in the Military? You

  7. I cant believe they thought hsi video was real to begin with! What a crock. You could tell it was fake lol

  8. I can't figure out if Rania is that clueless to believe his badge has some rank that makes him like the police or if she just goes along with his bullshit!

  9. Who is suing him the driver of the other car or the state or both?

  10. Someone still using sirens too! Wonder if Crazy ass Jennifer is running it?

  11. I don’t know if Jeremy is getting out of this one! Have you heard Jennifers 911 call? She may have decided not to testify however the state is now taking over the victim!

  12. About a year ago when the amber stuff was going down. She was rambling about how amber is high on adderall. Full clip on hooktube.

  13. Omg thank you so much! This is the first tome that someone Answered me on on Reddit and was nice about it and gave me the actual answer!

  14. I love that she thinks she actually knows how to put make up in yet makes fun of Tati who made her millions of being able to ACTUALLY do her make up and do it well!

  15. Am I the only one who wants to punch her in her face when she makes that smrik? I normally dont judge but you can tell she is just a Biatch!

  16. If Jeremy said it, it isn't true. If you watch all of the videos, he repeats his lies a lot, but he's bad at remembering the details. The central theme is always that he did nothing wrong and whoever is accusing him of wrongdoing is just a liar with a personal grudge that Jeremy did absolutely nothing to provoke. It doesn't matter whether it was an ex-girlfriend, the victim who landed him on the sex offender list, the woman who reported him for stealing gas, the landlord who is suing him for unpaid rent, or any number of police officers from various agencies who have accused him of crimes, they all just decided that they didn't like Jeremy and they were going to devote their time to ruining his life.

  17. I sort of figured it wasnt true! I am surprised Vigler hasnt sued him for deformation because of those claims!

  18. Is there an actual medical condition that causes this pedofile sex offender to lie about EVERYTHING! First being ex army aka jumping in Falluja being an ex cop and now this! All he does is lie!

  19. I bet that is his kid, cause aint no parent in the world going to let his kid get beat like that!

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