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  1. They won't know for sure but it will affect your blood work, you could see liver changes or hematocrit changes. I've been asked about taking gear with my trt for this reason and always denied it.

  2. Most people will be fine after one drink but I didn't enjoy any drinking on cycle personally

  3. 4andro would be your best bet. Use as little clomid as possible it's hard on the eyes and the vascular system.

  4. Great company ships fast, responsive to emails, and results are really good on their products.

  5. Sports technology labs for sure their shipping is fast and the payments are simple, no sketchy fees or sending money overseas.

  6. SR9009 has little to no taste but in a capsule it's diluted with fillers which are what you are most likely tasting.

  7. Definitely cut some bodyfat first or you won't see much benefit. Ostarine is best for a beginner.

  8. I'll give em a try and find out. My other source doesn't ship to Canada anymore

  9. I would wait 2-3 weeks to see how the body recovers naturally first.

  10. Long acting Ostarine. I heard it's good I want to try it later this year

  11. I've used them a bunch of times always got an email maybe check your spam folder. I wish they still shipped to Canada

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