1. Wow you dont care about the movie or Characters. You care about skin color.

  2. I would care if they were green. That would kind of take the realism out of it for me.

  3. Is the character Asian but not the actress?

  4. It’s been working nicely for me for about four years now.

  5. Good luck having any important information relayed to you. What happens when a doctors office calls to reschedule and you don't answer? What happens when you're fighting your employer and employment standards needs to talk?

  6. It’s so cute that you think I can afford to see a doctor.

  7. And she knows Willam. So of course she’s awesome.

  8. My mom wasn’t a great or good cook. But she was still the bomb! I feel you!

  9. My husband has never seen it. I’ve tried for years to get him hooked, but he’s never shown interest. I’ve gotten him hooked to other shows he said he “wouldn’t like”, so I’m hoping he will tag along for my next re watch lol. Truthfully I just want to witness someone watch it for the first time haha.

  10. Go to YouTube and search “lost blind wave react” or “lost normies react” if you are simply looking to watch others watch Lost.

  11. Yeah Andor is set about 5 years after Obi Wan, might crossover into Rebels for season 2 when that comes out. Since the showrunner mentioned it leading directly into Rogue One. Season 1 is placed correctly though.

  12. Thank you for the help, especially narrowing down where to fit those eps.

  13. I saw glimpses of the show but my mom absolutely loved it including the ending so I’d have to say not such an unpopular opinion (on behalf of momma)

  14. It’s one of the most polarizing endings to a show ever. Thankfully, Game of Thrones has taken the trophy for worst final season/ending ever, but before that, Lost was considered the biggest disappointment according to MANY.

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