1. Well churches are like cults and want you to convert people

  2. He wants the cool girl from Gone Girl. btw...that book is a low-key feminist book on women taking their revenge on a "dave".

  3. If this is real, the women who match him won't get to meet those kids. This is an advertisement for sex.

  4. Bad, boring, selfish sex. The kind where you have to look at those nostrils. Yuck. Side note: if you can deal with it, I hear he buys a bitch a house

  5. This whole thing is insane! Who lets their kids friend drive their car, first of all? Second, filming skits while driving???? (Although, the example set is green lighting that.) Finally, the entitlement of ruining a car and thinking it’s ok. Nice job mom.

  6. Just imagining how she treats wait staff when she’s out at a restaurant. I’m thinking pretty badly!!

  7. She’s a snapper, I can see it. High maintenance b, snapping fingers and saying “hey waitress!” asking for steamed broccoli instead of fries at a sports bar

  8. Of all of the times I’ve seen her ass (and honestly we all know it’s a lot) this is the least flattering. I said it. Revenge post voided. 👋🏻

  9. They have to reissue it or submit to your state as unclaimed funds. If that’s the case you just call your state. That’s your property


  11. She’s developed asthma and eczema. She’s never had it before and she’s over 60. In pain all the time. She’s swollen/bloated. Brain fog. Tremors. Pain in the breast area. Sweating, hot and cold flashes. They can tell at least one implant is encapsulated. We got her off of tamoxifen in July to make sure that wasn’t causing a majority of the symptoms, and it seems that they have gotten maybe slightly better. It’s just been miserable for her. What are your symptoms? I don’t know what kind of implants she has, but she’s always been unhappy with them. I’m happy to hear you’re still C free!

  12. Literally never happier than when mine were gone. I had one that was encapsulated and it was agonizing. I hope your mom instantly feels relief

  13. Nah, you should just reread yours. The judgement of a mom in shorts and a tshirt is dripping with mean girl attitude. The whole “my area is boujie” thing is whatever, if assuming that kids need to be handed opportunity to shine is your thing, go at it. My kids have earned early college entrance from their basic school. At the same time they’re exposed to real life people who don’t judge others for not showing up in Lulu. Those are the values we have, no nerve hit.

  14. And as I stated before this is just complete “mean girl” piling on. She should not be showing up in tiny bikinis with everything hanging out, shorts and a baggy t? Leave her alone

  15. I think in the OG days it was definitely jenni for me. She looked her best to me season 2 & 3. Don’t know why she touched her face at all

  16. Couldn’t agree more. I can see why she got better extensions 😂 but she should have stopped there

  17. I’m seriously wondering if they’re videos are somehow dirty and they get off on us not knowing. I’m probably overthinking… but this stuff drives it home

  18. it looks like she just took the picture while he was moving it? or am i missing something i’m stoned lol

  19. It’s not a good screenshot. Seems inappropriately placed, but getting more inappropriate so she covered it with a graphic

  20. Adderall is literally the only thing, aside from abilify, that has helped with my depression. Apparently untreated ADHD can look similar to depression ("I just can't seem to do anything, I'm overwhelmed so I stay in bed, everything is a chore...") but I definitely don't care, I just care that I feel better now.

  21. Ok, newly diagnosed haven’t gotten meds yet. Can you please explain why the feeling didn’t last? Just getting a handle…. Thank you!

  22. I feel like part of the issue is it’s not her son’s party. I’m all about female empowerment, but maybe throw a shirt on? It’s a kids party… hormonal teens… idk maybe that’s just me?

  23. My 14 year old daughter asked yesterday,”Why are they so grossly fake?”

  24. This is, sadly, so accurate. I’m far from a prude, but this is just not alright. Put tshirt on.

  25. Really would it kill her to wear a stupid one piece? I mean… probably

  26. Since he said he loves her, someone should ask “What exactly do you love about Heidi?” just for fun. Also, I don’t believe him, LOL.

  27. I just left a decent company where I was respected and treated well, only to be micro-managed, talked down to, and accused of doing a bad job when my manager was the one making the mistakes. Just stay. The gamble is real.

  28. So moms shouldn’t post bikini pics? Her body is on point, if she was overweight she’d be praised for posting bikini pics.

  29. I get your point, but it’s the side boob and thirsty vibe that put it over the top

  30. I respect that! I was just wondering why someone would comment that her kids love being on social media… I’m sure her kids have seen way more “inappropriate” posts on social media and wouldn’t give AF about their mom posting a thirst trap. If anyone actually cared what her kids saw on social media they’d think twice about the jealous and hateful things they posted on Reddit. Posting snark and gossip is one thing but comments about her kids seeing their mom in a bikini is ridiculous. Some people have way too much free time and waste it on being negative and judgmental. If I could rock that bikini I’d be thirst trapping all day 😂😂

  31. I wouldn’t buy one for my kid but I live in suburban Minneapolis and if you drive by any high school you will see bmw’s, Mercedes and teslas. Lots of people buy expensive cars for their kids.

  32. Lol. I also live in Suburban Minneapolis and 100% right. It’s pathetic how much people give their kids! My kid got a car from us, a decent Explorer from police auction. He has to pay his own insurance…. Guess we aren’t very cool. He isn’t even allowed to drive my husbands truck.

  33. I’ve said it before, I will say it again… Stud is a terrible term. It died with David Lee Roth’s leggings. Staaap! You are gross and aging yourself.

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