1. Woah, when Sam does it, it’s hot.

  2. You know, sometimes the devil can cite the scripture for his purpose. There is only so much you can milk the TFM audience.

  3. I liked leading up to and after Rise of Skywalker when he'd have thumbnails that featured a heavily gray bearded Anakin ghost lol.

  4. Stop projecting your own insecurities. Having extremely white teeth looks just as uncanny. The shade of her teeth is not the problem here.

  5. You’re not ugly, but the alcohol seems to have lowered your overall attractiveness.

  6. I hope something actually materialises of that rumor that

  7. I wouldn’t say transitioning is a choice as much as it is a cure. Gender dysphoria is a disease, and transitioning is the cure.

  8. He’s doing just fine because of the insane harmony.

  9. You gave enough shits to respond to this so yeah

  10. Well, then you definitely care about what that guy would do if they were Zoe, since you took the time to reply to them.

  11. Everyone in the comment section taking time to interact with this article about her opinions.

  12. How can you be so attention depraved that posting a reply is considered giving a shit?

  13. Ironically, the path leading to the Old Hero (4-2) is harder than all the bosses combined.

  14. All of the ratings suck here. She is far from being in the 3-4 range, and also far from the 7-8 range.

  15. 8. Ironically, he looks better here than most of his edited photos.

  16. Probably has some work done, but looks very natural here.

  17. When you have to fight a boss versus when that boss becomes a playable character later during the game.

  18. The first game was so clunky, hope they fix that aspect in the the next one

  19. I played the PS5 version, so I disagree. The combat was super fluid and didn’t experience any frame drop.

  20. Didnt it come out on last gen first? Of course you’d have a better experience on ps5

  21. Yep, it came out on last-gen. You should have specified that you played it on last-gen because personally, I didn’t experience any clunkiness on current-gen and EA was kind enough to offer a free upgrade if you own the previous-gen versions.

  22. I get that Rey is not a well-written character and the sequels ruined the previous movies for me, but the fandom could use a little less negativity.

  23. It’s annoying asf. If Obi-Wan kept saying “Hello There”, that would eventually get annoying as well.

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