1. Omg I came here to say this and it was the first comment. I can't explain why, I just can't stand him 😂

  2. Yess!! I also thought I needed to take her to the vet because I thought that her kanines were retained. but!! Her upper kanine teeth fell out later than the lower teeth. The new teeth were half grown, and only then the puppy teeth started to move. And all of them fell out on their own :)

  3. This is so reassuring, I noticed my boy's upper canines have started to erupt but his baby teeth aren't even wobbly yet!

  4. I was told that being on my period for 2 months at a time with a week off in-between 'might just be your normal cycle' 🙃

  5. We had tickets and then it was flapping about a 'stored card' even though the payment card wasn't already secured and then it timed out 😭 fingers crossed for twickets!

  6. I mean, I'd happily have TATW swapped out with something else from UL (The Heavy Wing would be sublime), but basically 1/3 of the set list is UL so I feel like any more of that would be ignoring their 40 year back catalogue.

  7. Hi all, I have a standing ticket available for Milton Keynes this Thursday (19th) as my friend can no longer make it. Paid £80, would like £60 for it if possible. E-ticket so can email to you immediately 😊

  8. Damn I'm so sorry! I must have already been at the stadium or driving when you commented this so it never notified me!

  9. We have a new offer on our Lock Busters puzzle box 'Casino Night'. 5 puzzles, all casino themed, all to be solved in order to retrieve a 4 digit code to open up the padlock!

  10. We have a new offer on our Lock Busters puzzle box 'Casino Night'. 5 puzzles, all casino themed, all to be solved in order to retrieve a 4 digit code to open up the padlock!

  11. I'm still undecided on the song as a whole, but I do like the post chorus (golden gate part), sort of feel like that part and the following instrumental could be a Foos song!

  12. I'm going to go as far to say that it's my favourite of their album closers to date.

  13. I'd say if I were comparing them song to song I'd say VQ was better, but for some reason, I can't quite put my finger on, as a closer specifically I'd go for Tangelo.

  14. I've done the whole album 3 times today and this is my initial stand out favourite for sure.

  15. Noone knows what it means but it's provocative, it gets the people going! insert Will Ferrel gif here

  16. Tear. Such a beautiful song full of so many little subtle nuggets of even more beauty.

  17. I've had that on repeat the last few days, kicking myself for not realising how beautiful it is until now!

  18. Have you ever paid money to hear music performed by California funk rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

  19. I was really nervous about hearing it after all the hate for it in this sub but I am absolutely loving it!! So catchy and funky I can't get enough! I think people are salty because it's not what they were expecting 😂

  20. BS grew on me a lot more after a few listens, hopefully this will too. Overall I like the direction their headed with this track, but for me it comes up a little short. There are some OHM vibes for sure, but for those comparing it to Walkabout… it doesn’t even come close.

  21. Same here! I was quite unsure about BS at first, but it was 100% a grower and I love it now!!

  22. BSSM Sir Psycho Sexy Mellowship Give It Away The Righteous & the Wicked


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