1. I'd probably go back to listening to Rocket Skates or 976-EVIL

  2. That sounds exactly how Mitch would tell it! :-)

  3. "Well, I better turn off the PC before 11:59 PM"

  4. Tried it in junior high, dropped it as soon as I realized it was interfering with singing, never picked it up again other than a couple of cloves in college and the occasional disco lettuce.

  5. I'm using Disco Lettuce now.....thanks! :-)

  6. Well, enjoy. I'm waiting for My Fine Commonwealth to get its head out of its ass in that regard.

  7. I'm not actually USING Disco Lettuce right NOW.....but in conversation, I'll definitely use that term from now lol

  8. And now......Christmas with Kraftwerk

  9. DAVE!! D-A-V-E DAVE!! Now will you open up the god damn door???

  10. I tell you what, man......that dang old Evel Knievel was cool as hell man.....talking bout jumping over canyons and water, riding motorcycles and bad mouthing dang old Howard Cosell....like what a dang old life....yo man

  11. Looks like your little princess is in heat.....

  12. MOOOOOOM......Phineas and Ferb are defiling Isabella

  13. Gator and frog legs are not that weird for New Orleans. YMMV

  14. Marmite, Rollmops, Pickled Cockles, Jellied Eels, Steak tartar ……. there are days where my wife and kids refuse to eat at the same table as me LMAO

  15. Boiled Brussel Sprouts.......I couldn't even be in the house while it was being cooked. Then an old girlfriend that was in culinary school got me to try them roasted. Now that's the only way I'll eat them.

  16. Sea salt, olive oil, garlic, and pancetta with a balsamic vinegar glaze was how they were made when I tried them and liked it

  17. I don't care what you put in your body personally but if you could stop making it everyone elses problem that would be great.

  18. This one in particular.......I couldn't agree more. When I quit smoking, I couldn't stand being around cigarette smoke!

  19. Yeah.......eating soup fresh out of the pot definitely requires a blow job to cool it off!

  20. I'd love to see an Oasis reunion (or at least the Gallagher brothers to do a collaboration together).

  21. I hate myself for chuckling at this.....

  22. It was the punchline that got me though

  23. From the Nether Realm......across the Wastelands and the banks of the River Styx

  24. I tell you what, man.....talkin' bout' dang ol companies gettin' money to "help" them dang ol kids with that Autism but using it all to get them Cadillacs and Bimmers......it ain't right, Hank. Like dang ol immoral, yo man......

  25. Autism Speaks is a sham, Hank......it's a shadow company set up by the Illuminati to fund their evil plans to control us by putting Mercury in the water. That's why I smoke Manitoba cigarettes so I'll become immune to their brain wave scanners

  26. I wish Pee Wee's Playhouse was still on the air......

  27. This is where I went to get my black light posters, prank idea books, and earrings for girlfriends

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