1. This is why the aliens won’t visit us

  2. I’ve never run a SARM before. Did you have any weird sides on ost? I also will be running MK677 which gets lumped with SARMs even though it isn’t one lol. I don’t seem to get the insane appetite people speak of, so I think I will be able to at least eat at maintenance or a slight surplus. After reading people’s responses I think I am going to drop the cut til the cycle is done.

  3. I didn’t get any weird sides on OST.

  4. Thanks! I keep flirting with the idea but then I wimp out. I would love to get more than what I get from var, but am not up for messing around with the bigger AAS. I don’t want the sides, you know?

  5. I was definitely stronger with Var, but I didn’t like the minor sides that came with it. I’ll definitely cycle ost next go around.

  6. In no particular order, my top callouts are Francielle, Angela Borges, Rayane Fogal, Yarishna, Isa Pereira Nunes

  7. Ashley 1000 percent has filler (no hate, because most do). Her facial changes over the years...face got suuuper lean during her comeback then now it's extremely smooth, shiny & fuller every season. Janet looks like she has a bit less, still some, but very natural and tasteful. Enhances her natural beauty. Her face is naturally rounder too so it helps her not look as drawn.

  8. I might need to hop on this filler then, cuz in off season I have such a lean face I hate smiling 😩

  9. It’s definitely going to be a good contest to witness. Janet is just so gorgeous! She doesn’t have that prep face, nor does Ashley. Is it filler? Cuz I need to know! Lol this year round 💀 face ain’t it for me

  10. Been competing every year consecutively since 2018 and that’s with having a baby. I enjoy the sport and I like to do 1-2 shows a year. I would like to continue to compete for a few more years.

  11. Y’all see Jen Dorie? 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  12. When I first started competing a few years ago, I was working night shifts in the hospital so I was actually unintentionally intermittent fasting and it did work in my favor. I leaned out a lot. Only downside is I wasn’t able to build a lot of muscle because of it and that’s only because I was doing all of my training and cardio in one session instead of splitting it up but I do think intermittent fasting can help, but I don’t do it anymore now that I have a completely different work schedule that allows me to be able to split up my cardio and training. It does get a lot harder when calories get dropped because you’re already starving after eating your meal lol.

  13. Everything I’ve purchased from Ryderwear have been true to size and great quality.

  14. Vania is killing it this year! So happy for her

  15. I feel like they always look so different on show day when they’re filled out with carbs.

  16. Me personally I film at the very end

  17. PEDS aren’t necessary and it’s possible to go pro naturally, it’s just harder.

  18. I have a feeling a former Ms. O will swoop in for the 2022 title

  19. Team Atlas Mtl | Team/Coach Overview

  20. You still go back to finals. You won’t do your full routine at finals though.

  21. Yes it’s a great documentary! I I love the backstory on bodybuilding, it really shows how much the sport has evolved. What definitely stood out to me was when she said “why should I let men exploit me when I can exploit myself?” And that’s when she started doing her own personal wrestling videos. I think with everything coming to light in the media in regards to the allegations of sexual exploitation in the sport, it was definitely interesting to see that POV in the documentary.

  22. 3 days. Mostly glute and hammie focused. My quads don’t need much work

  23. I heard people were buying them & reselling them for $$$$🫰

  24. That just called me a lazy POS in 4 different languages

  25. https://www.reddit.com/r/steroidsxx/

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