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I'm in this with you.

  1. They are just not enough. Especially considering the lack of enforcement and corruption.

  2. If you think your city would do better in a 7.8 I hope you never see that tested. Christchurch, New Zealand was leveled by a 6.2. This earthquake was 40 times bigger.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this mandate, particularly the unfunded part you mention, but in the end it is the patient's record. The person seeing the record under this law is the patient. I've changed my documentation a little, removing judgemental or derogatory parts, but that has if anything made them more professional. It is very helpful in terms of medical communication, which in the US is a disaster.

  4. Donating all of my unborn children to the Aztec sun God, just please someone hire me

  5. Record low unemployment and you work in the most in-demand industry. Skill issue.

  6. I have big demand in before and after school hours, less in the middle of the day. So three days a week I take a 2 hour lunch break and go for a run. 10k in the middle of my day is amazing.

  7. As a Heme fellow the way I would explain is that if you refer me a patient for thrombophilia workup (assuming it was actually indicated) that Factor 8 levels would not even be on the panel I would order.

  8. Isn’t VIII an acute phase reactant? I bet it is often elevated in bleeding patients.

  9. It’s a little unintuitive to get two orbiting objects close together. I think I recall an anecdote of an (early?) astronaut forgetting that thrusting towards the thing he was trying to dock with was going to do the opposite of what he wanted.

  10. After a few hundred hours on Kerbal Space Program it becomes surprisingly intuitive!

  11. Space is a rough neighborhood and you have to cross a highway so better to call your mom.

  12. It's perfectly good to get an idea of how impactful this is. Real seismotologists(?) who have a use for detail can find a better map easily.

  13. Oh, so if you want to actually understand what is being shown, you should go find a better map. This is the standard of

  14. The darker the color, the more intense the earthquake was.

  15. It's harder to understand why Bush detonated 5000 buildings in Turkey though

  16. Antibiotics may not improve the clinical trajectory of the delirious elderly with asymptomatic bacteriuria…but neither does admission to the neuroscience ward for Q4H neuro checks.

  17. Periods are NOT aggressive. They are basic punctuation. I'm using them right now. You used them in your reply! Are we being aggressive?

  18. I'm amazed that the corporations allow their government to do that. They'd never allow that where I'm from. Too much lost profits.

  19. If there’s one thing that autocracies (sometimes) do well it is crisis response.

  20. Many of these buildings wouldn’t have collapsed if government set and enforced stricter building codes

  21. Türkiye has been building to a higher and higher standard in recent years but it is not a wealthy country.

  22. They are a great way to replenish lost electrolytes.

  23. As a resident, I made less per hour than the legal minimum wage in my city. I literally would have made more money working the same hours at a McDonald’s and have a much easier work.

  24. As a resident I made less per hour than the cafeteria workers, and I got none of their union benefits. Residents are exploited to a degree that would be illegal for any other job.

  25. My one-year-old is a big chunk of that Cocomelon (god help me), Encanto, and Bluey (thank god).

  26. None whatsoever? I get limiting it but why the full ban?

  27. Correct, none whatsoever. Screen time under age 2 is strongly and causatively associated with language delay and ADHD.

  28. A big one discovered after this guide is Pulmonary surfactant. It can be pulled from their lungs and treat newborns with respiratory distress syndrome.

  29. ..... And yet not a single one of their low earth orbit satellites have these sensors on board? Give me a break dude.

  30. What's on the balloon that a satellite can't see?

  31. Uhhh, what outcome were they expecting? A laugh? Like, fucking dumb as hell.

  32. You know all three people in this video are actors, right? The whole thing is staged.

  33. Yeah but I'm willing to bet government/business funded research which is conducted at places like MIT will be able to beat whatever research/engineering projects are done by rag tag criminals syndicates.

  34. But why the balloon? What is their intention with a balloon? Not knowing why is driving me insane!

  35. Ground-penetrating radar is more effective if your transceiver is in the atmosphere. I assume other technologies have advantages as well.

  36. “Pink eye,” “purulent hole where your orbit used to be,” what’s the difference.

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