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  1. Surely she committed perjury and should be impeached...?

  2. He could offer you a decent payrise to actually make it profitable for you, but he isn't. Keep saying no.

  3. "It might hurt us politically if voters are reminded about the shit we actually do when given power." Oh yeah, this is something the good guys definitely say.

  4. He is 38 and is a clinical psychologist. I am 41, I have an MBA, and work in non-profit social services.

  5. People who work in mental health services are often incapable of seeing their own issues.

  6. I really needed to hear this, thank you. He gets so angry and it turns into a huge fight if I suggest allergy medication. I am always being told that I am insensitive and that my behaviors prove I do not care. Things are either amazing or very confusing.

  7. yeah, i'm also on PC and no chest.

  8. I ended up playing via xcloud, but the issue affects only pc gamers, so it’s safe to say you’re good.

  9. Yeah, I just fixed it by going in via cloud on my wife's PC. Ridiculous glitch. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops like this.

  10. iirc bononos are a completely different species under the same genus as chimps. Before DNA testing they were just assumed to be chimpanzees.

  11. Yup, bonobos are awesome. They engage in same-sex relationships, masturbation, oral sex, group sex, and paid sex work, and they almost none of the violence seen in chimp populations. Fuck all that aggression away, monkeys!

  12. They trade food, shiny rocks, etc. for sex.

  13. Oh yeah, Greg would LOVE to die of old age on the greasy floor of a fast food restaurant instead of peacefully at home in front of a re-run of Midsomer Murders.

  14. NTA - Let him itch and sneeze for a few weeks. When it comes to sharing with housemates, an entire month's difference between when you said you were moving out and when you actually do is unacceptable. This is entirely his own fault.

  15. I went there with my room mate and and this other guy who's now my husband. Really nice place to explore, I'm from New Jersey originally and there's nothing like that there. Got stuck in a huge traffic jam driving back to Nellis AFB though. Someone thought it would be a good idea to let a drunk 16 year old drive, it did not end well

  16. I'm an Aussie, and Valley of Fire is about 20% of the Australian landmass squished into a small area. Half an hour of driving through that park is equivalent to two days of driving through the Northern Territory. (Don't get me wrong, the arid north of Australia is stunningly beautiful, but I really enjoyed visiting a sort of "Disney Park" miniature version of it.)

  17. What town? There's sketchy places there.

  18. It was almost two decades ago, and a couple of years before I started using GMail, after which I basically have a permanent record of everything. I know it was the train between Baltimore and DC, and my friends worked at a university, so maybe Maryland U, which could mean College Park or Calvert Hills, but nothing Google is showing me looks green enough.

  19. "Do you think these terrible people who behave in ways that civilised nations find intolerable would be as considerate of diversity as we are?" Well, no, but I would have thought that being distinct from some of the world's worst people would be a point of pride.

  20. NTA - There is nothing in the world more natural than a married couple your age wanting to bang constantly after two months of separation, and your mother-in-law is being wilfully obtuse.

  21. Exactly what I said in far more words. Anyone who would get angry at me for cancelling plans because I'm comforting my grieving stepkids whose mother just died wouldn't have to block me on social media and messenger apps, because I would have beaten them to it. OP should finish the set, block the rest of them, and use that new space in her life to go make new, better friends.

  22. NTA - What on EARTH...? Maybe you should take this opportunity to shed some dead wood and open up space in your life for new friendships. "My kids' mum died two weeks ago and this weekend would have been her birthday" is one of the most compelling and watertight reasons anyone could ever give to cancel plans.

  23. ...and this is the guy who is helping to "save traditional masculinity"? This whiny little toddler?

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