1. Just got my first one. It beats the flower version to death that's for sure. Thanks for the positive review that helped me make that choice!

  2. $58 each in NW Ohio, but I am going to hit one up tomorrow anyway.

  3. As an early user of luster pods, are they improved?

  4. They have no problems in my pockets during classes. If I need to pop outside for a hit, I can do so easily and without worry about it being all over my pocket. I had that happen so many times early with 510s that I hated them. I can have it there without fear of leaks or smells. They hit much smoother and there are a LOT of options now compared to the early stages of the product. Klutch even just introduced a Live Resin Pod and the Orange 43 is freaking fire (and costs more). Hope that helped, and sorry people felt the need to downvote an actual question because it wasn't kissing the cheeks of the Pod community's favorite method.

  5. Someone sell me on this versus the 510. Looks like they're slightly more expensive pods and you have to have their proprietary battery.;

  6. Every pod has worked just fine in the Butterfly Effect battery from over a year ago. Klutch, Elixr, etc. You get a better overall experience and it is hard to explain how much better it is over a pen cart. Try a friend's and see what you think before buying. Not every product is for everyone.

  7. I don't watch his personal persona. Just the one he plays on tv. His personal ideas and thoughts are meaningless to me and there is no reason they should mean anything to anyone else, either.

  8. I got a lemon G cart from them last year I only saw on a menu once and it was phenomenal, I would imagine it was from prepping to make the cross for lemon slushee and we won’t see it by itself again 😫 anyone seen lem slush in a pod or cart? Only seen it in flower and rosin so far

  9. Got a pod today at Verilife in Wapak. Freaking awesome.

  10. About to pick up my order in the AM for one of these PC pods. Big Head was available too, but I haven't had the flower for this yet even, so I chose it.

  11. I know the area this company comes from. These are good people who come from a place where hard work is appreciated. They have no reason to lie. Word of mouth about this brand has grown and it never stays at my local dispensary long. None of the other mmj patients I know have had a bad thing to say about them in the years this program has been open to them. in order to sell a premium bud cultivated with different methods. They are as-advertised and are worth every single cent they cost. The strains being used in cart for in a nice step, and if it goes into Luster Pods it's even a better one. Give them another shot. I've used THC products since Woodstock 1994, and this is some of the best I have come across in all of their strain offerings.

  12. I would love to see this....for some reason northeast Ohio doesn't see these strains from galaneas...just the ones they been had

  13. We have it in NW Ohio...and have for a nice minute. They are also the strains in cokoh's Luster Pods.

  14. I got a 'MAC and Cheese' cart today by the Botanist, and it came just like that as well. Still clear and still awesome.

  15. The flower is good, but the carts were garbage. Grape Bliss had little to no flavor.

  16. Hows the flavor been wondering about this strain im a huge fan of grow ohio aka butterfly effect

  17. This stuff is GOOD. I have had it in flowerand oil form, and the saste and effects are one of the best Grow Ohio has. I am about to go get the double pack of oil syringes frommy local store in about ten minutes.

  18. Not much can compare to that but I will find out here in an hour or so when I go get mine.

  19. Wow, $86? I have mine with a gold and black Klutch package and it was same thing for $80. Great buy, and looking forward to more of their strains in this form.

  20. I have one here my neighbor brought me from a MI dispensary when he went home from college. It's bad ass. They also have a website, it's on the QR code on its box. Can't find a UPC code on the packaging though? Weird, but I've had three indica and one sativa. Not a sativa fan, but it's nice for school. Besides the sativa, it got me lit up and tasted pretty good.

  21. It was awesome. I have tried to go and stock up some during this virus shut-in, and def killed off the anxiety of going to the dispensary to buy it.

  22. I have been trying to play since it started, but have not been able to complete a match the first day, and cannot even get the game to not crash after loading. I have used over 60 health packs healing wrestlers I didn't even use! Over and over. It hates my 3 or 2 star Zombies I already had prior, as well as the 2-star silver and 2-star bronze ones. I've rebooted, deleted and redownloaded, and all the usual bs they ask already. Always does this. These people like my money but don't give a shit about us past this. Lame af. Also..haven't been able to get the Champion's Tour thing to work for a week now. Why the hell do you want $3 for that pos?

  23. I'd love to try, if my game didn't crash after two minutes at a time. It got worse once I purchased two of the $4.99 Benjamin packs to boost him up, only to have it crash. I don't like him and wouldn't have done so but he was needed for this game's "special" tournament. None were playable even if I have all of the people. Even being a member of that champions club doesn't matter, it crashes anyway. It's stupid. I've sunk almost$20.00 into this game this week for one purpose, hoping it would make up for the same crap during the Fiend campaign that I never got to enjoy and this Leap year one that only occasionally let me complete a match. I wonder why I should continue to bother? It's even worse today and it's only 8am ET.

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