1. It looks like he’s trying to explain the A vs ER argument to them.

  2. They should’ve gotten the worst celebrities for the panel of judges. Like OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, and Bill Cosby.

  3. Why did they take out the line where he says, “gronkowski didn’t have the angle!” out of that Super Bowl commercial?

  4. I love how this game is serious and absolutely wacky simultaneously. It’s pretty fun.

  5. Bro are they really reviewing plays like it matters lol. “That was not a catch.” Dude who cares, it’s like the first time these dudes get to have some fun this season.

  6. Everything is a conspiracy these days. Please enlighten me as to what we’re distracted from. Because I’m pretty sure it’s just really powerful people with low IQs making dunce ass moves.

  7. They should have renovated the whole thing instead of remodeling. It would be cool to see the original look brand new again.

  8. Oh no someone had fun. Better put an end to it immediately.

  9. If anyone wants it, I have a copy without the fake crowd noise (and no Isaac Hayes/Chef vocals added either!)

  10. It’s been quite awhile, but I’d be so grateful to have that if it’s still possible!

  11. What’s even more fucked up is he got suspended from tik tok for making this video.

  12. Go back to your hole, demon. We like to have fun here, not argue about social constructs.

  13. Every guy goes through the weird delusion that lube is needed for jacking it when they’re like 12 years old. It’s more like one of their dumb friends comes up with that dumb notion and turns it into something used to make fun of their friends if they say they don’t use it.

  14. I am amused by the righteous anger of those who will no longer be able to steal Netflix.

  15. I’m amused at the people who are defending a company worth 160 billion dollars.

  16. I’ve got a jar of dirt, I’ve got a jar of dirt, and guess what’s inside it.

  17. It’s my goal in life to buy a house and decorate it entirely like it’s from the 70s. That would be awesome to me. Just gold everything, gaudy decorations, wood paneling, plaid sofas, shag carpet, everything.

  18. He’d probably spend more time with his neighbor, M. Night Schulman.

  19. Go for the Cardinals. They’re the oldest team in the NFL.

  20. They’re all in the process of getting severed. This is them transitioning to the consciousness of their innies.

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