Me, 20 years ago today (3/24/03) 3rd day of the Iraq war, near Az Zubayr.

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  1. Wonder what dream they are going to sell to gen z and generations after that lol. "Live with your parents and stfu"

  2. Generally improving to be fair. Definitely more options of finding things to do around my area. Although that means that the empty plots of grass that i used to walk on during lockdown are all gone. Rip to the field that was quite busy during lockdown, never to have that same level of human activity ever again.

  3. Deekosh. No. Dude made a career out of ruining and harrassing other people even though their actions were stupid at the time but none of them compared to what he did.

  4. Laker fans prolly hate this guy so much lmao

  5. Most of you don't even remember 9/11 let alone the overwhelming support these soldiers had for doing what they thought was the right thing. You can look back and judge the war efforts as a whole, but these people were willing to give their lives to protect the US.

  6. Now i wanna see that. Please let them face off in the playoffs. I want to see this young thunder team against the snake

  7. One book you will engrossed with the content and the other you will engrossed how the author thinks. Guess which is which.

  8. He seems to thrive on teams missing a vocal leader. With the Lakers it was a case of too many cooks in the kitchen.

  9. Honestly, brooks enters the mvp conversation. Warriors dynasty running on fumes.

  10. Dillion got these boys in emotional distress 💀

  11. Not everyone on that team has 4 rings. I wouldn’t be shocked if Klay brings this up to his teammates as well.

  12. Sorry but this article shows me how some tenants are stupid enough to be leeched.

  13. Yes i will blame the people that are paying 18000 dollars but not the landlord that is charging 18k. Your brain is broken

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