1. Are these the megachip mudflaps? Just got mine in the mail and plan on installing them after work today

  2. Not sure, they were already installed when I bought the car

  3. The st is a great car, I picked mine up a few months ago. Very reliable compared to a lot of cars in its class. Lots of fun to drive. Would recommend.

  4. Ahh yea I forgot the passenger was not electric, it may not have manual lumbar, I thought lumbar was standard with the st3, I could be wrong

  5. Hey! You cut off the end, where he labels it a 'cat checkpoint'.

  6. I wonder if it's for all cats... Or just those with superior genetics.

  7. Dear lord, don't listen to this person. It is not instinctual. Many cats loose their ear tips every year to frostbite. It was negative 35 degrees Celsius here last week and my cat wanted out. Some cats are made for winter, short hairs generally aren't.

  8. -35C is also not a climate a lot of people live in and definitely not native to cats. At -35C humans barely survive.

  9. I think you kind of missed the point of what I was saying. I appreciate your input.

  10. This made my day. Can you please send me a decent image of it. Very well done

  11. Canadian here. Car is great in winter with good tires. Don't leave it idle for long

  12. 1.89/ litre for 93 was 2 dollars a week ago

  13. Yeah sorry. Getting hyped for snow and was wondering where it is :D

  14. The fact you don't live here makes it worse.

  15. Go to this Sub’s main page. Hit the 3 dots top right “change flair”. Boom. (On mobile)

  16. My cats have been together 5 years and aren't really friends. The big one allows the small one to live.

  17. Make it $25k and you've got a deal if it's black

  18. I could honestly get ypu a black one with 30000m for 24000 , plus shipping

  19. Not too shabby, I paid 27000 for my 18 st3 with 50000km or like 19800 and 30000m when converted. Welcome to the club!

  20. Tell me your brain doesn't function properly without telling me it doesn't function properly

  21. The E in check engine does almost look like an 8

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