1. As a casual football watcher I have a question for more hardcore fans. I really enjoyed yesterday's match and i was happy that Argentina won but the first half performance really worried me the thought that came in my mind was "Is this how the world's best team plays? Probably not then How are they gonna be the world cup winners playing like this against even more aggressive teams ahead if they get out of this group."

  2. Argentina definitely aren’t playing well enough to be even close to winning. They have very little width which makes it easier for opponents to close down the midfield, and so Messi can rarely get the ball.

  3. What's happened to the viewership this season?

  4. Or he could just keep doing what he's doing and not fight Jake

  5. Psyonix have half the caster budget from last season?

  6. So good to have teams in RL with massively different playstyles. As long as most teams don't adopt it I'll be happy

  7. The same as every RLCS team, it just looks bad because they lose the 50

  8. You can be as solid as you like but you won't win if you don't have creativity on offense

  9. Did you not see the reverse angle where Martinelli's ankle buckles under the tackle?

  10. Not much force in the challenge. Never really going to do much damage

  11. If you want to avoid this, here are some ideas:

  12. Jake and JJ dont want a loss on their record. Deji just has £££ in his eyes.

  13. Who cares if you don't get paid. You get to fight Mayweather

  14. Didn't some scientist "empirically prove" that ronaldo is the goat ? Now he was backed by ronaldos business endorsement but still.. science

  15. He assigned his own arbitrary numbers to his own arbitrary categories which he arbitrarily weighted

  16. He talked in an interview before worlds that it's difficult to play with joyo in 2s because he was constantly looking for flashy plays and not for the win/ranking. It may explains some things and why moist is this mechanical team that everyone like with its amazing plays of clutch (ssg) but also of choke (furia)

  17. There’s nothing more to gain in ranked than mechanics and situational habits so nothing wrong with what Joyo does

  18. He always appeared to be on another level in terms of determination

  19. Me, I’m a GC2 but I’d be willing to grind 150 hours past 2 for them

  20. Best thing to do as a fan of RL esports is try to just be fans of players instead of teams since everything is always changing. You like a team, buy their decal/merch, and then a month later half the team is different.

  21. Wish I could be a fan of teams instead of just players, but unfortunately you're right

  22. Is there any player Moist could possibly get to even come close to the levels they had with Vatira? Vatira just seems like an irreplaceable talent to me.

  23. Moist will be in the fight for just making majors now

  24. I think Moist made a good decision with their kickoff. It was unexpected and thats the best they can do

  25. Ive played on the map and not hating at all i love the map but why does it feel small compared to other maps? Is it just me?

  26. The ramps up to the wall are too vibrant and 1 colour making them look bigger and therefore the rest of the map, smaller.

  27. I do this with my crew (take a supplies tax) when the boat we approach doesn't have any loot

  28. Does scuttling not work in the recent patch?

  29. Shame they've made seasons 2 months long now

  30. Some people may think you are repairing so you can spawn camp, obviously if u spoke in chat then they’d know and would just be dumb to attack you, but without speaking to them idk I hate spawncamping enough

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