1. He just needs a pith helmet then he is ready to subjugate some natives.

  2. at a quick glance you are in TRK/FPA mode, so you would need to input a climb angle to actually climb (though I'm pretty sure IRL TRK/FPA mode is only used on visual approaches?)

  3. from what I can remember, the dvd release was only available in some non-usa countries, so that folks with slow internet could install the map data that would normally be streamed dynamically.

  4. The full map data that the game streams is over 24 petabytes, you would need thousands of DVD's to fit that.

  5. Then why did they make and ship 10 discs per box? Surely it would be more economical to just ship empty boxes or more printed art or something collectible in the box.

  6. Novelty? Nostalgia? I don't know. But in no universe was it going to be the case that what shipped on the disk was going to be relevent past first week of release. They made it clear the sim was at minimum a 10 year project from the start.

  7. Well, Guess it's time for Danny Ric to marry a round American woman and raise rabbits.

  8. Senna’s death. I would have been about four. Remember my dad being disconsolate because Fast Man wasn’t there anymore for some reason. Grew up with wistful stories of the man who was a genius in the rain. Otherwise the name Michael Schumacher, Michael Schumacher, Michael Schumacher.

  9. Yep same for me, I would have been six at the time. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV with my grandad sat on the sofa behind me, I remember not really understanding what was happening but I could tell from Murrays commentary it was not good.

  10. While I can appreciate the technical wizardry that made this work it really makes me appreciate the clean look of the new cars.

  11. Thank you for this detailed answer!!

  12. That CPU is below the minimum spec of the game so the lack of RAM is somewhat a mute point.

  13. The payware (ones you pay for) are typically higher quality ones. In-game ones can be lower quality or buggy in other ways. Also payware ones often also add scenery and makes it seem more lively. In my opinion they are not worth it, but someone else might like them

  14. The other thing to consider is these could end up being added to the game for free in a future world update.

  15. I was pretty excited when they announced the new line-up, But other than the Tekken streams (which were great) and the one they did with Brad and Vinny nothing they are doing is really appealing to me.

  16. The ones it comes with, you cant change them.

  17. Your right Paul, it's truly amazing how Lewis's financial advisor can invest his money for him.

  18. For the love of god read your discord notifications

  19. How is Mclaren now involved in two different contract messes in two different sports at the same time!

  20. Might want to take a look at the name, Simsmart is the name of Easyjetsimpilots payware performance calculator for the 320 neo.

  21. Is something up with Gasly? F1 app is saying he's the only one in the pits

  22. Fair play to the lads dressed as Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi.

  23. Really good question that by Brundle. I’ve always thought Horner would fancy a stab at building his own team (as in one he largely owns) from the ground up. Liked Horner’s answer too.

  24. The flares are out, quick, hide the women and minority's

  25. I’ll never understand why the clock keeps going when a session is red flagged like what does that do for anyone

  26. There are other series who have races to start. You can't make everything wait for F1 all the time.

  27. How many times are we going to hear Charles scream replayed this weekend lol

  28. It's going to be one of the defining moments of the season, so it's not a surprise the press are latching onto it.

  29. Yes, I think a lot of the water masks were added in the world updates.

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