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  1. For anyone in the Planning program, how are the courses (how interesting they are/difficulty of the course work) and also how are the coop opportunities in the program?

  2. Between the fall and winter splits of season X (I think) a tier 1 org was looking to sign ronaky, itachi and scrub killa. However, it fell though due to the short transfer window between the splits. Not too sure what org it was, though I think it was mentioned that the org was in rlcs before.

  3. Can Envy make any more roster moves this season? I know it's limited but not sure how limited.

  4. No they cannot make another roster move until after Worlds, or else they'll forfeit their points

  5. What a match! If that series had a crowd, it would've been absolutely insane.

  6. Would probably be too late to fly in another MENA team, and it wouldn't be fair to add another NA team. Most likely they would just be dq'd, though hopefully they could sort it out in time.

  7. Damn, really good pick both for the org and the roster.

  8. orgs are definitely interested (like when C9 attempted to form a team around Beastmode during the fall transfer window), it's just a matter of who they're gonna pick up. Every top team in NA, EU, OCE and SAM has an org backing them now, so their only choices are buying a team out or picking up a bubble team (which is probably not happening). The best unsigned team currently is probably Kuxir's Minions

  9. Guys, sorry, what was the name of the player who has played for eUnited, Soniqs, and Ghost?

  10. Wasn't cloud9 and moist Esports kriticals team fighting over a RL team like a few months ago I remember Charlie saying something about that or am I just misremembering things

  11. Somewhat, Cloud9 and Moist esports were trying to get True Neutral's roster back a couple months ago (along with some other orgs). I remember in a Lawler vid, he said that Cloud9 backed out pretty early. Moist had the highest offer but they ended up choosing Complexity.

  12. If a team makes a trade mid-split do they forfeit all of their points, or just the ones from that split?

  13. If anyone can correctly predict the next 16 players (doesn't have to be in order) I will give you $100. Only unedited responses to this comment will count!

  14. NRG looking shaky, the oncoming embarrasment handdelivered by BDS will be rough for NA

  15. Really don't like the fact that there are two different games streaming at the same time.

  16. Well there's nothing else that can work, unless you make Swiss like a week long which is too long.

  17. What a quick response by psyonix! Thank you for listening to the community, real hyped for the major!

  18. I don't think there'll be any org streams for LAN. They have 3 days to do the Swiss stage, so they do have time to stream most of the matches if not all.

  19. My guess is that there's going to be a B stream, otherwise 11 games per day is gonna be pretty hard to accomplish. They may not stream a few games, though I really hope that doesn't happen.

  20. Catalysm whiffed two easy balls at the end. Get rid of him.

  21. The trailer and map look fantastic, season rewards... not so much lol

  22. With all the c9 and 100T teases, this definitely was a surprise lol. Big congrats to them though, huge signing!

  23. 100 thieves already tweeted that they picked up TN

  24. I'm guessing that if it is an org, it's either Astralis or BIG just because of the omen chairs lol

  25. Not a 100% sure but I thought that 2 OCE players got the perma ban a season or 2 ago for throwing a series in order to effect the standings preventing another team from making playoffs.

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