1. Any traction on this? I'm playing with the Fiat integration but I haven't had any luck yet. What's this 'PIN' ?

  2. I just set this up with my 2022 RAM 2500 and it works. The PIN is your pin you would use in the app when issuing a command ex. remote starting

  3. my guess would be that there's not enough load, compared to driving on the road.

  4. No it’s the opposite - too much load on the dyno

  5. I wouldn’t bank on it, I tried to get one around 10pm on a weekday from the airport once and couldn’t. Same for Lyft. I tried for 30 mins before inconveniencing a friend.


  7. Taylor doesn't care enough for her fans that she'd do something that would affect her bottom line. Her silence during this time says it all

  8. That is true. i was playing the odds that mostly the truck was used to haul wicker furniture. But, you have a point.

  9. I love how people on reddit think every truck is used as a grocery getter. Around where I live, that's pretty far from the truth - at-least for HD's

  10. Actually it’s just the gas pump that’s different. My 8k ram 2500 handles just as well as my wife’s vw passat. The tough time is going from my rig 80k and my wife’s car 4k

  11. This is a 2022 RAM 2500, while it handles pretty awesome for being a HD truck.. its still not a sports car lol

  12. If they created a nightly backup / restore feature for server configuration and metadata where I could tear down my box, build a new one, install plex and just hit restore, I'd sub to it. There are plenty of small revenue streams they could create if they provided real value for their users. I've put too much damn work into this thing and the current backup and restore processes are not great. I did it a couple years ago.

  13. I gave up on plex on my DS920+ for the same reason. I have a hdhomerun too and it was just a terrible experience anytime I wanted to watch live tv.

  14. Just read the rules, it's right there. It's as hellacious as possible.

  15. Unfortunately there isn't much he can do. I work for a company that buys 1000s of vehicles from Copart and this happens more often than it should. A couple months ago one of their loader operators damaged a vehicle putting it into the transport, while also damaging another. It was all on video. Copart said sorry we can't help you.

  16. ScrapLife Garage (Lee C Parts) has a video where copart took back a car just like this.. so it definitely can happen.

  17. I wish he didn't delete the Facebook post asking about it. I guess there was some details in the comments there that people shared that definitely should have turned him away from this car.

  18. I mean he knew it was fluffed and buffed, said it right in the video. That’s mainly what the comments were pointing out

  19. You have something setup wrong. Notifications working on iOS:

  20. Curious how this setup worked for you

  21. Great! If you buy one, double check the fitment on your fuel injectors. I had to grind down the spacers to get them snug. My cars on a S369sx-e running 25psi+ and this thing has held up great - I drive it all the time. Planning on picking up another for a new project.

  22. That’s awesome. Throttle body no issues?

  23. No issues, used a custom throttle cable from PHR

  24. 2017. With it being a 7 speed I’ve had no cooling issues. As for the rims I’ve been lucky so far.

  25. How much gold does a boosted character get when created ?

  26. How’s the booster delete? Been debating trying one in one of my cars.

  27. Guys. Can a holy pally and a disc priest heal a 10 man raid together?

  28. Definitely. Got undying last night with this comp

  29. Wotlk times already provided stable internet connections tho..

  30. It sure seems like there is more to this story - not defending the log though

  31. does M1 mac minis run Plex with hardware accelerated transcoding?

  32. Ohhhh look at that reaction time. He has some room to do even better

  33. The reaction time isn’t factored into the ET, fyi

  34. lmfao Al Michaels is making me die

  35. Peyton Manning probably rolling around in his grave with how bad these two teams are playing tonight

  36. Based on the rock auto magnets on the hoist a man of class (I've got one side of my hoist covered!).

  37. Yes! The other side is covered top to bottom in stickers i've collected form car parts over the years

  38. Question, how did the engine end up making an inspection panel in the block? Do you have any photos?

  39. Probably oil starvation, I don't have a pic handy. It's under the intake manifold and a bit hard to see. The FA20 is pretty well known for reliability issues.

  40. I read "away" as "ago" because im an idiot and thought; "youve had the car for 30 mins and done 250 miles? thats 500 Miles per Hour!"

  41. You’re not alone, I was very confused

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