Trump Organization convicted in N.Y. criminal tax fraud trial

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  1. His family already released a statement supporting the release of Griner too. But Reddit thinks they know everything, including intimate details of geopolitical negotiations.

  2. The conflict and discourse this is creating is already working as Russia desires.

  3. exactly! Worked for the 2016 election, why stop now?

  4. no mortgage, I have to rent for now, be grateful you're not wasting $2800 month paying off someone else's mortgage.

  5. I’m doing both 😅 my mortgage has gone up but I don’t live there and my rent has doubled 😩

  6. Oh yuck, hope you'll be ok, did you increase your tenants' rent?

  7. They also both sell those $40 Chinese disposable vapes that everyone uses. Fantastic to see people pushed towards overpriced, unregulated products with god knows what in it. Nice vape ban QLD. Kind of surprising to me that EzyMart is able to get away with it on such a large scale.

  8. when the govt was going to ban import of nicotine from OS everyone went online shopping. I bought $800 in nicotine, it will last me 20+ years, probably won't even use it all. So you buy your non-nicotine stuff here and import the nicotine from NZ with a prescription from a doc. Would make more sense to be able to buy nicotine in Australia - again with a prescription - than buying under the table. I know the vape liquid and nicotine liquid are the best quality, not some dodgy pen imported from China with God knows what is in it.

  9. The prescription for vape juice system we have remains one of the most absurd things I've ever seen. Literally getting your doctor to write you a script so you can order your watermelon explosion extreme lol.

  10. Whoever you vote for the government always gets in.

  11. Why is it okay for your brothers to park on the street but not your neighbours?

  12. because the brother is moving in and would probably like the space but greedy neighbour needs all the free parking for themselves

  13. Write in the space provided, giving the young man instructions on how he'll get his ball returned.

  14. Hi Thomas, what a weird coincidence! I just found a basketball in my yard. Good luck finding yours though.

  15. unless this guy is pulling social security he has money that can be paid to the families. POS needs to be followed and every time he pulls out cash or a credit card, take it off him.

  16. Would like to donate but the way to do so seems to only be available to Ukrainians. What about international donations?

  17. I donated to them through paypal. But I can't find the address, maybe email them through the website.

  18. Don't tell me what to think. It's pointless. This is the internet, you have no gravitas.

  19. Time to get me some kilts and let the cooling begin

  20. kilts tend to be made of wool, so you might want to rethink that, Fijian sulu works better

  21. I’d be totally down for a sulu. Unlike the kilt it let’s you man spread without having the meat and potatoes on full display, avoiding those awkward meetings with HR.

  22. You have a pot of instant noodles? I’m jelly. I can afford one instant noodle a day.

  23. Luxury, pure bloody luxury, I stole a grass seed from a bird for dinner.

  24. Receptionist at my medical practice is an Indian woman, I sometimes have trouble with her accent, apart from that she is amazing, fast, follows through - just wow.

  25. I can't believe anyone has a million dollar mortgage!

  26. Sure - it's called Yr 7 maths. You did do yr 7 maths, right? Or google a calculator if you must.

  27. No year 7 maths mate, but I'm clearly smarter than you.

  28. Lol! I was only having some fun. But if you can't calculate basic interest you are not going to be able to make sound financial decisions, so I would politely suggest you brush up ;)

  29. dude it was a joke, re the word simulation., sad you can't see that, had to come in and take a bite, get it wrong again and make even more of a dick of yourself.

  30. Also, if you are over 16 they will not give your ultrasound results to your aunt, they will give it to you.

  31. Just read Russians have moved 14 planes from that airfield, no doubt to get them somewhere safer.

  32. Yeah 20% is a big call ... looks like I'll be moving.

  33. So what does this mean? Will house prices come down? I'm asking because I have a dream to own my own house again, but I need Brisbane to drop 20% by end of next year. i have $395k deposit, and don't want to borrow more than $400k.

  34. Sound of lawn mowers and smell of freshly cut grass on a Saturday arvo as a storm approaches.

  35. have a co-worker with this issue, neighbour mounted cameras on their property with the direct intention of looking into my co-workers yard and bedroom.

  36. Wow! So pervy old pedo can set up cameras into your kid's bedroom and there's nothing the cops can do? Sounds like a new law is needed.

  37. When the sun goes down you need to turn off the aircon and open up your doors and windows to let breeze through your house. Aircon at 23 degrees overnight when it's 23 degrees outside anyway doesn't seem necessary. Can you cope with a standing fan alone? Your bill is going to b horrendous if you have it on all night. There are some nights you will really need it on as summer temps increase.

  38. My room does not have a fan !! First thing, off to get a pedestal one today and then request the landlord to setup fly screens. Fan and some good air circulation indoors should hopefully ease it down a bit 🤞

  39. Get a heavy duty fan not one of those $20 crapola ones, makes a difference. On the really hot muggy nights, sleep with a wet towel on you under the fan. SO glad I have aircon now, but lived many summers in Brisbane without it.

  40. I would not walk into that room without machine gun and the ability to use it. Terrifying. Most will be dead soon though, so there's that.

  41. I hate the Flatmates business model (pay to play) but it's owned by Rupert Murdoch so I'm not surprised

  42. You think it then stops with those 2 people? Your solution is to shift the problem to someone else until it gets down the line to the point when a final person chooses not to inconvenience someone else at their own detriment or doesn’t have the option for many reason (eg sold their house, escaping domestic violence, migrating to Australia and many more reasons).

  43. Not excessively, if you're with a girl who expects you to pay for everything and expects a dozen red roses every week, you'll bleed money real quick.

  44. It's not for everyone, but for those who want kids not having them hurts big time.

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