1. Not sure exactly. Just know it's upper respiratory type stuff. Cough, congestion, etc. My hair stylist was coughing around me for about an hour and all i know is that she is sick.

  2. So basically, there could be a round three because "round one" was technically round zero.

  3. There goes my dream of Raheem Morris HC and Ejiro Evero DC

  4. To make it easier for them to collectively stay on schedule.

  5. How long these interviews have been is why the possible third round that's been mentioned doesn't make sense. From what's been reported, the first interviews were around 4 hours, and then the second round have been 8-12 hours each. I can't imagine there's much they can learn in a third interview that they didn't already get out of the first 16 hours with a candidate.

  6. This shit is incredible. Fuck it, ten rounds. Royal Rumble style.

  7. He runs a complicated offense and changing quarterbacks yearly made for a slow start to every season. I still think he can be successful but it was time for him and the Colts to part ways. Just wish we showed him a little more respect on his way out.

  8. I would love to hear your list of candidates

  9. Also shit, if it lasted that long for Ejiro how long has Raheem's Interview last and also why was Saturday's so fucking short?

  10. "So Jeff, who would you bring in for your staff?"

  11. I feel like things are about to snowball in favor of Raheem getting the job.

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