1. Just in the evenings, after their normal business hours. Oak is open later, so you’ve got choices depending on time of day.

  2. What are you really even on about. You absolutely have manual cars with remote start. I don’t understand how having a manual explicitly prevents such a thing from happening other than keeping your car in gear all the time (which I didn’t do when I had a manual unless I hill parked)

  3. The parking brake is intended to be used in conjunction with having the manual transmission in gear, always - not just on hills.

  4. If we are talking efficiency, 50% and 100% is a huge difference. 80% is much more of an acceptable number.

  5. Again, you clearly don’t understand the purpose of work vs how much time it takes some one to accomplish it. Efficiency is based on goals and achievements, which is not in any way related to how much time is spent on it.

  6. then they should be part time? it’s simple organizational efficiency. don’t hire someone full-time if you only need them part time

  7. You don’t understand fluctuations in workload, seasonal or otherwise - so maybe stop peddling your ignorant conclusions.

  8. That U-shaped wire at the bottom of the footswitch looks like it is touching the enclosure. Add some thick card stock or similar material to insulate them.

  9. So idk about fusing it together, but if you have some kind of little mesh gift bag (like the kind jewelry sometimes come in) you can put it in there to keep it together. It'll also suds up fantastically.

  10. A small section of old sheer tights (pantyhose) works well for this. Find a spot without holes and knot it at both ends.

  11. This is not the first lifehack I've seen advocating for using tights.

  12. Nope! They work well for lots of uses, including tying plants to stakes or making hair ties that don’t pull out hair as much as the rubber band types.

  13. Is the back of the pcb insulated? That’s a tight enclosure and you might have a shorted connection once it’s all pushed inside. Is it passing any signal in bypass?

  14. If I had so little confidence in my soldering abilities that i wouldn't solder a wire to a switch leg, I would not, under any circumstance, build a guitar pedal.

  15. Nice opinion… we all do things differently. I’d appreciate if you saved your backhanded comments for a different conversation.

  16. Your 6 word reply was the catalyst, friend. This was advice you were giving. If you aren't going to take the time to explain why you are adding unnecessary time and material to a job as advice, then you will indeed get backhanded comments.

  17. I explained my approach in the original comment. Quit trying to pick a fight, it’s the wrong Sub for that sort of unprovoked nonsense.

  18. More like the the idiot VC with his Tres Comas tequila.

  19. Are you still on the market? I am ready to make a deal, but haven’t heard back since we talked pricing.

  20. Along with the legit suggestions to locate the power jack closer to the lid, you could also shift the location off-center so the power jack lands between two of the pots and has more clearance.

  21. I paid 8k for six, five years ago in Aus. You guys get criminally overcharged for them, and I have no idea why.

  22. Sure, things have gone up, but this is a 30k difference we’re talking about.

  23. Looks like we’re going to be tackling climate change with no air conditioning

  24. Great job! That’s a fun machine, and I really enjoy the mechanics of the ‘boss fight’ in the upper left corner.

  25. Never heard anyone refer to a pinball upper playfield as a “boss fight” before.

  26. I’m 45 years old, I have voted every year since I was 18. I’ve never waited more than 6 minutes to vote. Just curious where there have ever been 5 hour lines for voting?

  27. You’re 45 years old and don’t know how to perform a basic web search for easily accessible facts?

  28. 822 ads in WA state alone (if I understand the story correctly) is an iceberg tip. We did our part to make their decision a net loss for them but there's like 180 other countries and 49 other states where they could make 1000x more than $25m with no consequences.

  29. Don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress. This is the largest campaign finance penalty ever.

  30. Ah yes, a myopic comparison of percentages taken completely without societal context, ‘published’ by some Internet rag. That ‘source’ of your’s is practically a Listicle and makes absolutely no attempts to understand that data, nor the potential causes for disparate representation.

  31. Run a length of string where you want the lights, then take the string off and measure.

  32. They're recording, their employees concented to being recorded. The caller concents by staying on the line why should it matter who's recording if all parties have agreed to it.

  33. If you call a service and they have the "this call may be recorded for training purposes" message are you the free to record on your end?

  34. Not likely. That’s their disclosure to you. How would their own message possibly let them know that you were also recording?

  35. Never turn the crank. Turn the rear wheel to move the chain, don’t spin it fast - just nice and slow with your hand on the tire.

  36. will do it next time. i must say i learnt the hard way lmao

  37. I learned the hard way as well, but it’s also a hard lesson to forget. I cracked a fingernail and had to get five stitches in my nail bed, it was thoroughly unpleasant.

  38. And? It’s none of your business how people that live here choose to represent themselves in elected positions.

  39. It's a crime ridden human waste covered shithole. Just like San Francisco, Chicago, New York. All have the same corrupt leftist politicians. But keep wearing your mask in the car and voting for criminals. Best of luck to you. But hey, the wonderful left is inching us closer to nuclear war than ever before. So I guess maybe that will finally clean things up when there's no city left to visit.

  40. Are they a publisher who controls content or not? If they are a publisher then you are correct, but they are operating like they are not a publisher. So it's not that simple.

  41. The first amendment doesn’t apply to publishers, not even in the slightest…

  42. It's not complicated. If it's a foreign concept to you then turn off the TV for a bit once in a while. But I guess you wouldn't be exposed to "wrong think" in your echo chamber. Carry on.

  43. What’s not a difficult concept? You still haven’t articulated that in a coherent way.

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