The Woke Era has finally ended

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  1. Baby Driver is so good that the mere fact that you mentioned it means I'm gonna go watch it.

  2. And you, sticking to the program, thought that smacking their wives meant beating the snot out of their wives. Very logical program we got here.

  3. Lol we sure you aren’t being pedantic here? My response stands. If somehow it’s bad enough where I KNOW about it as in the hypothetical couple didn’t keep the drama in house shits fucked. What are you even trying to defend?

  4. I just found it amusing that you suddenly wanted to stick to the program after taking it way further. The video in question isn't much. He kinda sorta slaps his wife immediately after she slaps him which is uncalled for on both ends.

  5. Beating the snot out of vs. smacking? One is worse than the other. Both are assault. Read the thread again if you’re confused. If hyperbole in a hypothetical scrapes your sensibilities idk what to tell you. Guy I was responding to seemed ok with conceding that point enough where he decided to let ME know, a stranger, that he doesn’t beat his wife. Now THAT is amusing. Yes this sub is retarded and I’m retarded for even commenting honestly.

  6. Btw if you’re not from the south yall is appropriating

  7. Lmao integrating the races was cultural appropriation too then huh?

  8. I just think it’s funny. But, what’s your definition of a real job?

  9. Our wealth gap might be large, numerically, but our lower class isn’t suffering like the lower class in third world countries. It’s not even comparable.

  10. The federal government hasn’t paid off anybody’s loans, that was blocked by a federal judge except in the most egregious cases of fraud by the “university”.

  11. Not if the aristocracy oops… i mean investor class has anything to say about it.

  12. Decent episode. What’s it your head, fucking zombies?

  13. I didn't want to see this thread, I didn't want to confront how bad this episode was and how awkward Tim looked.

  14. The Cold War is still happening. You can still get your threat of nuclear war boner going if you try hard enough

  15. The boomer’s monopoly on sexy representatives is no longer, folks

  16. Omaha, Nebraska March 10th and 11th Brea, California March 23rd-25th And Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 21st and 22nd, folks.

  17. OP may be humorless but the Rock n Roll hall of fame hasn’t been just the Rock n Roll hall of fame pretty much ever you puritans. It’s the influences of rock n roll (blues, R n B, folk, some jazz, pop) and artists influenced BY rock n roll (more pop, more RnB, hip hop, New Wave, Alternative, Metal, more folk) as “music fans” I know you people have more perspective than just bitterness.

  18. In an interview, Charlie Hunter once said, "Picks are for kids." I still think he's a good player, but that was a pretty ignorant comment.

  19. I’ve watched a bunch of interviews and never heard that. One of his Berkeley comments I heard was that after the first semester he realized everyone was doing the same thing and wanted to bounce because he had learned enough about theory and composition to suit his needs at the time. I don’t agree that was necessarily true but he’s a pop star and I’m not so.

  20. What’s the DoC? Booze and benzos? Uppers? Fent or all of the above?

  21. If you reduce epistemological nihilism into a states of mind, you are self defeating because you would already make the leap of faith before you choose or discover something authentic and meaningful. So it is just a big make believe and self deceit that can not possibly have good consequences for anyone.

  22. That is a good point but what is meaningful to you personally that is exclusive to true nihilism? That is, what “meaning” is derived from nihilism that isn’t touched on in absurdism? That it is “futile to seek” and therefore a nihilist doesn’t? That is the opposite of meaningful it is a void.

  23. Nihilism is certain on psychological and epistemological level. Otherwise it would not even exist. A Pessimist is never disappointed. Whereas having a meaning is something that needs to be constantly worked for. It is the rock of the sisyphus and i’m too old to roll it. Basically this. Or atleast i’m resting my back against until further notice.

  24. Your comment holds the insight that nihilism should be earned which I appreciate. After years and years of playing Sisyphus and now you’re too old to continue, have you really chosen anything or do you now not have a choice?

  25. Lots of people want to give criminals the benefit of the doubt. They don't believe people should shoot people breaking and entering for example

  26. We’ve reached the present through much violence. No doubt all of the perpetrators viewed themselves righteous In their actions.

  27. Yes, the internet’s demographic shift has also freed my consciousness from virtual enthrallment.

  28. Bro why are people downvoting me I just said that I’ve never heard these bands. I never said that they sucked.


  30. It’s an opinion, not a scientific experiment. I’ve read the Bhagavad Gita, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, books about The Four Directions (Native American spirituality), the I-Ching and many, many others that discuss reincarnation and multiple lifetimes. I’ve also seen an actual ghost once. So, it’s my opinion, based on personal experience and perspective, that we live many lifetimes, and the soul or energetic aura moves on to another dimension of existence once the physical body dies. Additionally, quantum physics proves the existence of other dimensions of reality. Once again, this my opinion based from years and years of study and personal perspective. You’re welcome to disagree and have your own opinion (please do).

  31. I agree with you about potential afterlives but nobody is going to hell or reincarnated as a slug from trying to survive in the absolutely deranged way that a couple of squealing pigs have decided we should organize our social system and economy.

  32. Ethics and morality if those exist. If they don’t well..

  33. Why would I make a new instagram when my current one has 2k followers and many of them are my favorite comedians? Did u think u were saying something smart? And u put shadowban in quotes like you don’t even kno what it means. Dude u sound stupid af lol Use ur brain before u type. Man, midwestern ppl are slow

  34. What is this a gay conversion sub now? Get your sexy tits out of here

  35. Adam giving away all his money funding Nicks manic episode while Stav becomes famous is always how this was going to go. Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.

  36. It makes sense why Dead logos took off separately from the music in California (and by extension, people who want to be seen as in fashion anywhere else). Culture vulture sees heads wearing them all over, they look cool, they adore branding for the sake of branding and there you have it, just another vapid statement.

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