1. A swag is too heavy, look into hiking tents because weight is a very important factor, hiking pillows and mats and a hiking camp stove, weight is important in every regard , you can get very light weight and compact but very warm sleeping bags, look on anaconda, bcf they definitely stock those sleeping bags, it’s just expensive

  2. Just as an aside check the Mountain Designs website before you go to Anaconda. All MD is now supposed to be sold via Anaconda but quite often one will have a sale while the other doesn't. So check both webbys.

  3. Which one of you dudes mother-in-law is missing a hand?

  4. Yes but if they discover there actually was £10k missing, it's clearly not a joke now

  5. £3.3k stolen per year averaged. £63.50 a week. I doubt it. Till errors from pocketing the money would be noticeable. High frequency theft (unless accounting) on the floor would eventually be spotted by other employees or by shift totals. Reckon just mouthing off costing McD time to investigate.

  6. Yeah... I have a client right now who stole ~$15 worth of stuff from Kroger each time she went over the course of a year. Guess who got hit with retail fraud?

  7. In the days when pensions were paid in cash the teller would rip a pensioner off just a few bucks. If they checked and came back he'd say sorry and squared up, all sorted. What he did was fold the note over so it was counted twice. If someone was not too smart he'd take a couple of bucks and the excess was in his till. Mentally, he tabulated how much he ripped off the customers that day. In his mate would come for a withdrawal near closing say of $10 or $20 bucks and the teller would give him that plus what he stole from the pensioners and the cognitively deficient. It went on for about 4 months until a pensioner went to the manger. Cameras retrained on him, saw what he was doing, worked out how the excess till was skimmed away and he and his mate were prosecuted.

  8. It is easy to check to see if the house is in the aunt’s name. If it is, then it is unlikely there is scam, unless you father had assets that you did not know about, like investments or a second property somewhere.

  9. Does that preclude though OP as a son any right to a division of the assets? Just bc the property is in a particular person's name - does it mean they have exclusive right when all the inheritance/assets/debts need to be divided, if divided equally is the actual outcome?

  10. I might have the context wrong here, but is it bc Boris Johnson is a fat c*nt and he couldn't miss?

  11. No, that has nothing to do with who Boris is. Basically Putin was telling the British PM what Russia can do to the PM.

  12. It is not. German Chancellors of the last 50 years:

  13. What is it about German Chancellors that Russia gets away with carrying the threat?

  14. Also, he could theoretically continue to run the ring from his phone. Seems odd to allow him to have access to the outside world considering the accusations.

  15. What - you don't think his phone is monitored? The cops are wanting him to undertake more criminal activity. He'll lead them straight to more mini-me's and get another 10 years and the cops will say, "Thanks genius."

  16. Hillarious… A big guvbermint worshipper, demanding more regulations and government oversight, gets taken to court for not playing by the current rules and regulations

  17. Of tangential interest - perhaps you may find it interesting

  18. Eru: I know that as god I could just blink Sauron and all the orcs out of existence, instead I'm going to make this poor little tortured guy fall in lava because it's funny as shit.

  19. Tolkien believes he supports Christianity with the composition of the Fellowship. Mere Hobbits are as necessary to the successful outcome of the venture as a soldier, Elves with supra-natural powers, Dwarvish strength and fight, magic. Why, bc the point of a Fellowship is that TOGETHER they make a whole. The littlest, weakest with their honest qualities are no less needed and no less important than any other creature of that group. It is a 'fellowship' often taken as a Christian word for a grouping together. For this reason it is not The Gang of the Ring, or the Good Guys Band Together of the Ring. The Humility of Sam and Frodo are necessarily important to complement wisdom, strength, power, magic. JRRT makes the point that humility, servile devotion, is no less important than magic or any other trait.

  20. Except the reality is the state, the county when they were short of money and 'couldn't afford to give pay rises' to police, were in a bind. And the Police said, well how about a trade off.

  21. We have a special fleet of trucks just to move our tanks around?

  22. Dude go follow Trent Telenko (especially his early stuff) - he was the expert who pointed out Russia's logistic failings from day 1 - and said clear as day - when everyone else was going Russia will steam roll this in - that Russia is going nowhere and won't be able to sustain the war.

  23. Everybody here who follows Trent Telenko will know this dude just went to heaven.

  24. At what point does 'VEXATIOUS LITIGANT' ever see the light of day with this criminal?

  25. It's been 20 years but there is a lot of doubt in my mind. Especially the episode where the SS are outside a house /hut in the forest with partisans inside and Sajer volunteers to clean them out, get's a note from the SS of his actions which he uses to good effect later on.

  26. Please this is not the right angle. DO NOT SHIT ON THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE THE TALENT.

  27. The very thing I have done in Georgia, Chechnya, and UA is to demonstrate my strength and power to show on the one hand I can be rapine when I wish and on the other as a warning to the EU/NATO what I can do.

  28. Rove is a total tool. My friend was serving him at his table and as they neared he said loudly to his friends ‘imagine serving tables as a job!’.

  29. Well, to be fair...I didn't expect the lass to be using her left hand to pull the trigger.

  30. Exactly this. I’ve had mates sued for things that were entirely defensible, but settlement was significantly cheaper and less stressful.

  31. I had a builder whom the neighbours and ourselves called Mr Fuckup. To prove how bad he was all I was going to do was post photos of his work on my house. My solicitor went spare. "You will not." It is complex law and worse than that he will sue and it will cost you tens of thousands in litigation.

  32. She wasn't on trial - your comment is completely wrong and insinuating. Lehrmann was on trial, ok.

  33. tbf he's now set for pretty much the bulk of his career, Boehly's 7 year contracts are obvs a bad idea for Chelsea but great for players

  34. With financial fairness rules amortising to 5 yr I doubt we will see any more 7 yr.

  35. Snakes and vibrations. Didn't turn around and bite cause those vibrations going down a metal tube made it think a herd of elephants was on its tail and just go.

  36. I grew up down the coast, I remember in year 5 going to jamberoo (used to be a yearly excursion at school before they closed for several years) and one of the teachers coming off the toboggans & breaking her arm. Maybe she was trying to avoid a snake on her way down.

  37. I remember it in the late 70's when they had grass skiing. Anyhow we were the last of the day on the way down and the owner comes after us doing his checks I guess. The grass was really a bit tufted and not smooth. The dude passes us like he's an Olympic Pro (and why wouldn't he be as its his backyard) and whamoo he lost one of the roller blades. He's going for a gutzer now - nope skiied on one blade all the way down like it was nothing. Cool bastard - didn't even look at us with a knowing grin on his face. Acted like yeah no bigge.

  38. What a hill to die on, as if the comment reflected an understanding of society.

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