1. I’m a woman and I also choose St. Raphael.

  2. Yea, I can’t. I don’t mind dating up because they can keep up and I learn new things through them. However whenever I talk to a male that doesn’t think as quickly, I find the conversations shallow and boring. Basically I’ll get bored of them. I know it’s not fair and sometimes I wonder how I expect someone smarter than me to love me when I’m the lower IQ individual and I can’t do it myself; but I guess I either have redeeming qualities or they don’t mind dating down. Personal preference and I guess combination of traits factors in too. Generally, I think it’s easier when both parties are similar or close in intelligence.

  3. I think the key is that you like learning new things from them. And hopefully, they like sharing knowledge. When you switch the genders around, it's not always true that the guy likes learning new things and the girl likes sharing knowledge. I was chatting to a guy, who came across a word he didn't know (which is by no means an accurate indication of intelligence), and I said the meaning (oh it means such and such) - he didn't reply me anymore lol.

  4. Yea, it’s complicated. Gender roles do definitely play a big part in dating. 🤔 I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I think you’re better off 🙂.

  5. I was/am the loner who's friends with everybody, I hardly show up to parties but people understand, over time they have understood that I like to be left alone but I'll be there for them whenever they need me, so I'm good friends with everyone in my class. I'm a bit outgoing but I also have strong boundaries so that's the answer I guess.

  6. Are you my twin? Haha yea, I got invited to everything. Was pretty popular, and outgoing. But when I turned things down people understood and didn’t push it. Pretty much in the mix and got along with everyone but needed my space to disappear. I’m pretty sure it was my extroverted besties that made me more outgoing then I would have been, had I been left to my own devices.

  7. My bestie is introverted too so we both turn down party invitations promptly lol

  8. I can understand that since I’d probably do the same.

  9. Yeah and I got the 500gb version. She's just one of those iPhone elitists 🙄

  10. Me too! I tend to date a lot of Aries. I wasn't going for a type but I guess I have a type.

  11. From a woman’s perspective, it’s true. If I was attracted to someone I wouldn’t be their friend. Not to say that friends don’t slowly develop feelings but like AgereContra said, a year is too long and that meant at some point you’re put into the friend zone category. If she wanted something more she would have started subtly flirting with you to initiate attraction from your end before you friend zone her.

  12. I absolutely want to learn more. I was raised in a Protestant household, and have only recently begun investigating Catholicism. I’ve come to love praying the rosary, and will take all the advice I can get! -cheers

  13. Thank you so much - this is very helpful! I downloaded the prayer app, and see that Novenas have start dates associated with them - would it be out of line to pray them out of order..?

  14. From what I know, the start dates are recommended feast days celebrating the saints etc but you can start praying the Novenas whenever you feel like it.

  15. Terrifying I have Ichthyophobia. This is like my nightmares but worst. Usually it’s just a fish tank breaking and a bunch of fish flapping around. Now my mind has more images to work with.

  16. St. Raphael. I’m a woman but I had an affinity for him.

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