1. /uj I’m actually terrible at all games, so I’m not made for the challenge these games present, but they’re all the same? Even when my kid started playing Elden Ring and I watched I’m just kinda baffled how they look, sound, and play exactly like Demon’s Souls, which I played a million years ago. I know fans of these games will take major issue with that sentiment, but I played that one, I’m all set, thanks!

  2. I think at it's base they are quite similar, but it's the nuances that separate them. Like sekiros reliance on aggression, or dark souls 1 having a high push towards shields without omni-directional rolling (meaning you can only roll up, down, left, or right rather than any direction), or bloodborne adding a mechancic that allows you to gain health back by attacking.

  3. It is an entirely different kind of horror game. Dead Space is an action game with horror elements, A:I is a survival horror game with some action elements. It's meant to be a much slower burn. I think for me what detracted from the game was how long it was, especially near the end where the plot of A:I was basically played out. I feel similarly about DS3 - it too could have been made better by taking the last 5 hours of gameplay out for a more cohesive experience.

  4. I think another thing that makes AI struggle in some sense is that the protagonist HAS to live based off of the movies. The age old prequel problem ya know

  5. It could be interesting if a silent protagonist was genuinely mute for a specific reason

  6. like during his survival, sure, stay quiet to not alert the enemy. But when he is being talked to ACTIVELY, he was just MUTE.

  7. Product of the time, maybe? I feel like silent protagonists were in so many games at the time

  8. Subverse, a game made by a studio apparently known for 3D Hentai of video game characters.

  9. I watched Jesse Cox's review of subverse and he said it was kinda mid as a game. Going off that, he's really just simping for an elaborate hentai game

  10. This shit is what caused me to drop out of Japanese class in high school. Nerdy white dudes and their fetish. I felt like the only kid in the class that wasn’t there for AN-NEE-MAY. Around grgaduation, I saw sensei at Target and she said that was a big reason she stopped teaching there too. Fucking weebs

  11. Similar issues with German too. You'll def meet people that are there cause nazi shit.

  12. So, there's a term for it, but it deals with the fact that your brain is expecting the word. You can't totally make the word out through audio, but the text "tells" your brain what it's supposed to hear. From Wikipedia

  13. My girlfriend loves it cause it's the map she got her first flawless on

  14. It's what happens to any place that lets bigots have a seat at the table; the only ones left are bigots.

  15. The bar that let's nazis sits down gets to be known as the place where the nazis hang out. Gotta be a zero tolerance for it

  16. I thought it was funny so I made a furry mod for gmod and all the comments are actually messed up, somone was joking about shooting up a furry convention center, and lots of torture jokes etc. like i get some furrys are kind of cringy but wtf

  17. It's a pipeline. When your whole personality is just dogging on others, you eventually move to stuff like that. Not always, mind you, but ya know.

  18. A big part of it is that Warhammer people tend to miss the point that a ton of super-crazy space guys ranting about how they hate everything is kind of, well, not making them out to be the good guys.

  19. Gamers have the lowest ability to recognize themes. Lakshmi, a character in destiny 2, was shown to be a hyper racist and was just a dick, and people still were trying to say she should still be heard out.

  20. Climate changing is normal. The insane speed at which the climate is changing right now isn't.

  21. Trying to get them to understand that if you were to graph the fluctuations of climate in history, those differences are unrecognizable once you zoom out once the industrial revolution started. But, as im beginning to figure out, facts literally never matter anymore

  22. Ok, im sorry if this is a noob question... certainly not a new light... possibly still a blueberry (only 2 flawless in the past 2 seasons) still not sure what exactly deliniates one from someone else... but can anyone explain to me what a trials report challenge is?

  23. Trials report is a third party website that can allow you to check stats of other opponents. Additionally, a challenge is issued by the makers of the app to use specific guns for little badges on your name

  24. Sadly, facts will never matter to this guy until it affects him, which it never will because he's so far down the rabbit hole that he'll somehow blame feminism for his own mistakes and misfortunes.

  25. Thing is most women don't want emotional men, it's female nature

  26. While there are women who might dislike emotional men, I think it's important to recognize that usually the forced stoicism of men is perpetuated most often by men, not women. It's one of the reasons why there is a Stereotype that men say that women are more emotional then men, which implies that men are the opposite of that.

  27. Sie kann keinen Durst haben, wenn sie ertrinkt!

  28. Literally just read the article, the article accounts for mental health

  29. It's what you call, "I hate mondays." Conservatives don't give a rats ass to change the problems. To them, there are no solutions to mass shootings because they are, to them, like Mondays: unavoidable, unchangeable evils.

  30. I mean aren't a lot of the things in the game just really interpretative cause there wasn't too much about them? Like Angerboda and the Norns aren't too discussed right?

  31. Good point but I would definitely play a game where I got to kill Jesus

  32. They could totally use the old testament with the archangels and stuff. I think of it like binding of Isaac where the religion is seemingly treated like a pantheon ya know?

  33. Tbh a game that actually goes deep into an african religion would be cool af. Ive heard talk of going to egypt before but I genuinely like the idea of kratos having to fight anansi or something lol

  34. While i would live for the say where kratos gets to take Jesus off the cross and throw hands, they've already confirmed that Egyptian gods and goddesses exist in the world during 2018. While African gods aren't outta the question, it'd be cool nonetheless to see whatever they do since Santa Monica follow the "all gods exist just in their bubble"

  35. I honestly don’t understand in the slightest why Bungie rolled out SBMM without fixing lobby balancing (which was the bigger of the issues really.) This on top of the in air inaccuracy system and the ridiculous ability spam honestly makes PvP feel like a chore sometimes.

  36. Had two games today where three teammates drop .8 and below and the entire enemy team drops 1.4 and above. Its so annoying bro

  37. Widely regard as balanced by a bunch of non-adapting HC stans, more like. The crucible sub wants THEIR sandbox, and they'd force anyone else who wanted something else to go pound sand for all they'd care.

  38. But, like, it wasn't tho. Least on pc, dmt top tree dawn was the fuckin goat at the time. Not only that, xur ingredient was going sicko mode and rapid fire frames hadn't been nerfed yet. NTTE was just as good as it ever was, and desperado kept messenger fragging out. Chaperone was still the best slug in the game and shayuras still had 17 zoom AND multi mach still had 17 as well.

  39. I find that amusing because many of the most hated PvP combos were possible back then, people just hadn't caught on to using them yet. (Prime example is Omni + Lord of Wolves.)

  40. Stompees were the floodgates. Omni was as broken as it was since chosen. Yeah no dodge invis at the time, but 100 discipline smoke woulda gone just as crazy and LoW was still omega good at the time. Then they said we weren't allowed to jump, so people realized hunters have had busted ass exotics for a while, but stompees were the comfort pick

  41. Bruh this is too fire not to have as a wallpaper. Where can I get it

  42. At least the chest puzzles aren't told to you.

  43. I didnt even know it was meant be "woke" it was a nice little quest with cool dialogue a out 2 people who somehow knew how to realm travel finished off with a nice little stat boost

  44. Maybe it's just cause I didn't hear the names right, but I legit didn't even know it was a gay couple. It's not really focused on if that makes sense. Obviously I missed the imagery of the fire, but man I swear these people won't let anything be even slightly gay.

  45. Nice expression of movement! The screen shake adds a lot

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