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  1. All I can see is that long stick the two on the left are holding. Just kidding! But seriously, look how the four arms of those two chairs all line up perfectly to crest that stick.

  2. You really don't know what's going on beneath the surface. I thought that guy was living the dream. Traveling the world eating amazing food, hanging out with the coolest people. And inside he was miserable.

  3. He was living the dream, he let his emotions get the best of him in that moment, and now that short moment in time will define his entire life’s existence. When I was younger I was at that point for the same reason. I thank God every day that I didn’t squeeze that trigger, I would’ve missed out on the most beautiful parts of life. May he Rest In Peace

  4. A beautiful spicy noodle. I looked for a rattle snake when we visited there in July, and I didn’t have any luck. Was he giving you warning rattles?

  5. It's such a weird feeling when somebody is straight lying to your face while you know they are lying to your face but will still lie to your face cause they know they can get away with lying to your face. I dont appreciate it.

  6. You do this down South, and they’re going to assume you’re there to harm people and your probably not walking out. Or ever again

  7. Wow! Your Costco has way more house plants than any of the Costco’s around here!

  8. Well you have to keep him out of jail if you want him to go back to being our criminal in chief.

  9. Why is Trump in the thumbnail? He didn't get us into any wars and actually began the process of exiting Afghanistan. Nixon also began the process of Vietnamization to train the South Vietnamese to fight on their own against the North and reduce the number of US troops in Vietnam, eventually ending the US involvement.

  10. You would think there would be a thousand people pointing out what you just said, but nope, going to try to justify it anyway because they love to hate Trump. Meanwhile, they’re just going to ignore the fact that our current president is dragging us closer and closer to war with Russia and China. The Whitehouse statements disagreeing with what he said on 60 minutes about both of those countries this past week was quite interesting. Trump is a huge narcissist, but he didn’t get us into any wars, he actually got us out.

  11. Looks like he has TMTTVM syndrome. In case you’re wondering, that stand for take me to the vet mommy

  12. Right because it only happens with one side of the political spectrum. You should crawl out from under that bias rock you live under.

  13. They must be downvoting you because they think that there’s actually a good side of the crooks lol

  14. And then the terrorists post this to cause hate and recruit more terrorists. And judging by the comments it’s working

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