1. I bet it’s the Raiders and Panthers calling

  2. Mandarich was billed as arguably the best OT prospect ever too, which is why I think he’s above Ryan Leaf and in contention with JaMarcus Russell for the worst bust ever

  3. We have a flair called “B/R BS” for a reason

  4. And the Steelers offense couldn’t do anything the rest of the game and Fitz and Warner got a ring!

  5. Rodgers is just Favre 2.0 confirmed (minus the weird predatory shit)

  6. People are saying he’s building a new house in the area, which probably means he actually expects to be around for a while lol

  7. Fucking christ dude, just saw... that's insane. I never passed like 165 on any practice one. Always got boned by RC lol

  8. Thank you! The RC was brutal this time too so I’m pretty sure it’s where I lost most of my points

  9. I feel like every time I took it, I had 2 RCs and the one I felt more confident on would always be the unscored section

  10. Yeah no I got a little lucky and had 2 LG sections (which are my best) so I would’ve felt good about it overall except for the fact that one of the LG sections was ridiculously brutal and I didn’t even finish it. Thankfully that ended up being the experimental which I found out a few days later. Very glad I didn’t end up with 2 RC sections though because that tends to sink my score as well.

  11. The fact that our defense was above average after the offense was consistently garbage and never left the defense off the field for significant periods of time is so frustrating. The one year our defense is great, our offense is the worst since 2011.

  12. Zverev can actually be an incredibly passive player just chasing down balls from the back. He finds it hard to generate his own pace. Obviously the serve is big but anyone that tall can hit hard if they want.

  13. To tag on to this - he’s very much a counterpuncher. If he doesn’t get an advantage off his serve, he’ll wait and wait until he does get an advantage in the rally, after which he’ll take advantage. He doesn’t hit super hard, he tries to emulate Djokovic by going for accuracy over power. It’s part of the reason he sucks against top 10 talent at slams - the best players can deal with his serve more easily and over longer matches they attack more and he has to defend more against them. That’s just simply not a recipe for success.

  14. Why did it work for Djokovic if it's not a recipe for success?

  15. Because Djokovic can turn defense I to attack a lot more easily than Zverev. As OP was saying, Zverev doesn’t generate pace on the same level as Djokovic, which makes it much harder to be aggressive. Also, Djokovic tends to hit much closer to the baseline, which usually opens up the point pretty quickly for him to take advantage.

  16. Taken care of, different guy so I stickied a comment at the top of the thread

  17. I actually think this might fall under the category of "funny but true!"

  18. Almost had it last year - had Alcaraz lost to Sinner on those MPs in the QF and Ruud lost in the final of the USO to Sinner, I believe Ruud becomes a slamless #1.

  19. Why not the saints? Good o line, Kamara, Olave, good D to keep us in games, his old coach who drafted him

  20. Thought you guys were still in cap hell, is that not the case?

  21. Indianapolis Colts! Come on down! You just won… A NEW CARR!

  22. What is the February 15 trigger and why does he control extension of that date?

  23. After that I believe his guarantees kick in for another year

  24. Death, taxes, and the Pacers being unable to play a complete game.

  25. Unfortunately I’ve gone ahead and locked this thread as it’s just devolved into arguments and trolls from other subs are coming to join in. Sorry to everyone who was being peaceful.

  26. Guys I’m starting to think Haliburton is pretty good at basketball

  27. Guys I think I’m in love with Hali

  28. How much you wanna bet he “reconciled” with the victim and now the victim doesn’t want to press charges?

  29. Someone is gonna overdraft Levis imo

  30. This isn’t just straight up aggravated assault? Aggravated assault generally just means there’s a weapon and a threat of serious bodily harm iirc.

  31. Probably a reasonable move. Trade down into the second and draft an RB if they want someone else, beef up the line in FA, and see if you can get some defensive impact players in the bottom of the draft?

  32. 2011, 2015 AO - 2016 FO, and 2021 through Wimbledon were his best runs of form ever. He’s playing well but 2015 Novak would likely destroy him

  33. Telling you now. Y’all can decide my fucking flair if Novak doesn’t win this tournament. I am even more confident of it today than I was yesterday.

  34. This is Steichen's job to lose. IMO. Steichen is the only candidate so far where it was reported that the Colts are heading to him for their second meeting; instead of the other way around.

  35. I think that’s just cause he’s prepping for the SB lol and flying out to Indy and back would probably impede his prep. I agree with your finalists though.

  36. 2003 would be a hell of a race. Jamal Lewis, Priest Holmes, Ray Lewis, LaDainian Tomlinson would have been great candidates.

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