1. Bong water should be replaced after 3-5 bowls. I replace my water 2-3 times a day.

  2. God I look back at how rarely i used to clean stuff and i gag at myself... what a monster

  3. My favorite card in the game 😎 posted a 1400 power final turn from my zero deck, I have a deck list too

  4. I thought it was just a meme card because I'd never faced a Zero deck but it took me about a week to build the deck and since then ifs my absolute favorite. I play almost exclusively tiny decks now

  5. I have never in my CUE career gotten a good limleg from the pick n mix pack. They're either utter trash, or dupes. I got my best one today but it was Cyborg and I already had one lol

  6. I’m looking forward to the new pack system they’re doing as of next week. I just wish I’d known before I spent as many gems as I did yesterday 😭 if I had I 100% would have saved them rather than spending a load on gem in the crown and pick n mix

  7. I did the same.... 1,000 hard earned f2p gems wasted

  8. It's just Kava, and they're waaay overpriced for what they are

  9. Would you give one of your cars away, if you had 3, for some beans?

  10. Alright, this one finally did it for me. I've been able to get through some pretty stupid posts the last couple months but this one pushed it over the top.

  11. I have a deck list on my profile. Darwin and galapagos turtle still go well with the deck but make sure you put datwin's finches with them.

  12. pretty sure heimdall's value is equivalent to devil or yen and most people only trade away yen for overpay

  13. Yen isn't even a good card, I've seen mythics and multiple top limlegs traded for Heimdall

  14. What are you talking about? Yen is an amazing card because it's so playable. Many consider it to be worth a mid mythic or more.

  15. I don't know about all that. For just being an energy reduction card, it doesn't look like it brings anything all that unique to the table. I've never owned it or played against it so to each their own, I just never gave that card a second glance

  16. Frilled dragon, dwarf chameleon, cloning, toadlet, neutrino, bobbit worm, cards like that. Maybe Jade emperor and Kultarr too. There's no right way to make a tiny deck but there are better substitutions for some of your cards.

  17. Dire Wolf is so overrated, do not accept this or any offer remotely close to this.

  18. Hell yeah, congrats! I've been stuck at 2,996 since season 4 😭 maybe one day

  19. Took me 5 minutes to re-learn how these worked 😂 haven't done one of these in 20 years

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