1. Not really. Being able to shoot fire out of my hand just because I can, wouldn't be science.

  2. In that world, there'd still be a reason it was happening. Trying to break that reason down to create a repeatable result is science.

  3. "Soft" magic systems would attract the most hardcore analytical minds in the real world until we could find a measurable variable and start to preform experiments. Naturally, there are some phenomena that just can't be reproduced, but it wouldn't stop people from trying.

  4. Lol like I said, most satellites that are stationary are in fact satalloons. You can see them plain as day with a dollar store telescope. That’s factual and observable.

  5. So are we talking about two different things, or are you saying Wikipedia and the entire scientific community is full of shit and lying about the location of geostationary satellites?

  6. Could be, im not an anti science person I’m just stating facts.

  7. It's a simple balance of being not submissive and non-aggressive.

  8. Just plagiarized the work of real artists. AI art is trash

  9. If you saw this art and didn't know it was AI, you'd never say it was trash.

  10. AI is programmed by humans. It is a representation of our collective expression.

  11. If you wife was in on this, she's a cunt and file for divorce immedietely.

  12. its abnormal. the baby probably forced to eat this brocoli.

  13. Is it so hard to believe a white kid likes to eat veggies?

  14. Something is very very wrong in your reasoning, and it won't convince any flat earther. Here is why :

  15. I think Ember has a transcendental power to see through people so quickly, it reduces them to the childlike state she is in perpetually in. One could even make the case she can touch the fragments of the souls of demons who were once human and reach into their inner child and pull it out.

  16. I don't think there is much logic in the entire line of thinking. Desna tortured her because:

  17. They don't have to worry about a clear alignment. No trees or buildings up there.

  18. I sold Dish Network and DirecTV for over 10 years and had techs do thousands of installs. It's taken me a long-ass time to find a smoking gun where I personally understand the math well enough to triangulate positions and determine indisputably that the Earth is indeed round. (Doing it for my self, not relying on scientists to do it for me, cuz its much easier to debate others when I know the math my self.)

  19. Now...I'm not criticising Mr self-administered-concussion here, (he's probably got his own worries) but I'm just wondering.

  20. I'd gamble it was his little brother holding the phone for him before it was his dad...

  21. This was useful. I'd guess the zoom is approx 9,000-11,000 miles away. Thanks.

  22. Cameilla is self-evidently the worst human I've ever had the pleasure to have in my party.

  23. Fun fact: The 1 mile world record held by the fastest man is 30 seconds faster than the fastest woman.

  24. You can’t tell men you hate them and then shame them for going out and picking the women who actually want them.

  25. They want to control men, and men who refuse to bow to the feminist narrative are out of their control. Feminism has no power over men who refuse to submit willingly.

  26. It's not actually gross to them. The most hardore feminist who viciously verbally attacks males outside of the bedroom will let you tie them up and fuck-face them once the clothes are off. (I passed on her offer, but I've talked to many men who have fucked hardcore feminists.)

  27. From what guides have mentioned to me, you can basically stick around in the RTZ, reincarnate, or conjure where you go next. Not sure what the reasoning is behind all the choices though. I'd guess it's basically figuring out where you are in the wave function and "you" doesn't exactly go away.

  28. I sympathize with the cynicism, but we both know you're being a bit hyperbolic.

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