1. Who is scolding you for your answer here?

  2. Isn't Vadim the guy who joined Vaush on stream and had a meltdown? (spent like an hour doing a fake british accent and making weird noises)

  3. Idk how to be more specific than I already was. I'm just unsure if it's same the person I remember

  4. Heavy Armour master is an amazing feat.

  5. That has nothing to do with what he's talking about

  6. Jesus of vourse it is,the guy who is with others responsible for this hate speech bs policy is still in the Team,also Musk isn't a right wing/supporter.

  7. What's the difference between 'being more centrist' and 'moving further right'?

  8. Offer him MOTM minus the darkvision?

  9. I looked at the difference in the legacy Genasi and the new versions. The new versions all get darkvision, have resistance to an element, and their special abilities have even more powers. On top of that some of them are even faster.

  10. They're not balenced compared to each other.

  11. Had it for years to the point that it stopped adding anything to my game. Finally had to uninstall it, because that mod and DynDOLOD are always at each others throats in my load order. But overall, a good mod with a mix of "not this again".

  12. That's a very odd mod conflict. I didn't realise they had any overlap.

  13. This is actually the funniest right wing joke I've seen.

  14. Does russal make pro trans arguments?

  15. Another morally consistant W for Vaush.

  16. Who are the celebrities in the image?

  17. Have you ever thought that the main reason people are sick and tired of ddgers around here is more to do with the collateral of Destiny's obsession with Keffals than Keffals herself?

  18. Unless DGGers have an argument for why Keffels deserved to get swatted, I don't care. Yeah whatever keffels isn't a good person. Don't care.

  19. She later said she was advised not to talk about it until they were further in the process

  20. She said in leaked DMs that she had no plans for the money and was just keeping it.

  21. I've never seen a single good defence of Keffals, people just scream 'Dgg psyop' and ignore any evidence presented to them.

  22. His stuff about Obama's birth certificate suggests he is, at the very least, racist.

  23. I have not read his manifesto, does he still deny the suicide?

  24. Yes, and there's very good evidence that Near isn't dead.

  25. I'm not about to sit through that cringe lords shallow attempts at a takedown.

  26. Wll I'll summarise for you. Near probably isn't dead.

  27. It's genuinely disturbing and disgusting the amount of spite and bile Destiny seems to possess. What a sad deranged individual

  28. Is it spite and bile when he's just correct?

  29. Only care if you see it. The evidence says you were completely wrong to make this claim, so you still stand by it?

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