1. Large spherical object? Is that the right pic? Because your pic looks like a nail.

  2. How sad.ย To work so hard, for so little. -Android 18

  3. I don't remember her wings being black. Is that dark Nanael ?

  4. hopefully just a phase for a bunch of edgy teens. Like being way, way too much into Insane Clown Posse or something.

  5. As a Juggalo I find this offensive. At least ICP spread a positive message.

  6. Early on they were destructive. At least the fans were. Maybe they mellowed out

  7. I mean we're still a group of shady fucks that will steal your shirt if you leave it unattended, but we'll also make sure you get a taxi home, that is before you realize we yanked the cash out of your wallet.

  8. The ring is made with strontium aluminate powder.

  9. I never actually finished this one. Think i got halfway through. The premise was just too hilarious.

  10. How weird can it be? This is just a garden variety AI picture that went a little wrong.

  11. I mean, I'm usually a "don't stick your dick in crazy" kinda guy.

  12. Digging the influx of Queens Blade posts. For anyone who wants to know the watch order

  13. Is queens blade just coming out of the void now?

  14. It was kind of a hidden gem back when I found it many years ago. But lately I've been seeing allot of adds for a browser game they released. So it's not surprising some people are just now finding it. Ngl I would love to see more animation of this series. So many amazing characters.

  15. The series is funny too. I like it. And the ending is just fantastic.

  16. Tachibana Kanade will always hold a place in my heart, and Nanael a place in my pants

  17. Queens blade deserves its own discussion in general. :1391:

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