1. For 160 its not too bad since you got 4 new cards but they aren't really worth much tbh. I'd just save up 250 for to get 4 guaranteed limited cards.

  2. Just click enough to share it and then back out.

  3. I know about that method but feels like it’s more of a “cheat” method.

  4. No, send it to your own number. It'll go through and just send to yourself. Still counts

  5. I tried that already, got annoying as when you send it to your number, it sends it back to you

  6. bro your neighbor is either stupid or from Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

  7. Ummm, up to you really, there is an end of week 110 gems one that’s ok, and sometimes league spotlight is decent. Also 50/50 if it’s a good pair of cards, but picknmix is the only one I’d do everytime

  8. ok, and I’m really lucky on 50/50 packs, so let’s hope I’m lucky again

  9. My wife’s looking for Bram- her ign is Slumberbunny if you want to add her I’ll let her know. She doesn’t use Reddit, FB, or discord

  10. Then I’ll help you out, I’m sure I can get Doge back sometime. :). Care if I sent you some more trades myself?

  11. North Korea, South Korea, South Africa, and South Ossetia left the chat.

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