1. I’ll be in Sarasota for several days visiting my retired parents. If I want to play for a few hours where should I go?

  2. Sarasota kennel club off of Bee ridge road is nice. Has 1/2 1/3 and 2/5. Has some plo too. Or Tampa hard rock 45 mins north. St Pete also has a good dog track.

  3. You’re a woman I’m assuming by your posting history.

  4. I found poker to be more rewarding and less stressful when it was a side hustle or lucrative hobby. Playing full time overcoming variance dealing with degens every day became annoying.

  5. Been playing there since 2019. Withdraw every other month. Never had an issue. Usually 3-5 business days.

  6. Find a game you can beat and play it. I forget which of the online coaches says that all the time but boy is it true

  7. I live overseas and could care less about the legality of it if I'm being honest lol. It's a small operation between friends with the occasional outsider.

  8. More importantly, would you be for or against that rake structure given the details of my post?

  9. I mean if you came to all of us and said listen I really would like to recoup some of the costs of building this home game. I’m sure most would understand and appreciate your honestly. Maybe ask the regulars which one would be ok. If you decide to rake maybe have a board of how much you need to collect and keep track.

  10. I think it was more that he won over a million bucks through a $40 satellite on pokerstars. It was the catalyst to the Everyman’s dream to quit their job and be rich playing cards.

  11. Forgot to add that I’m located in the U.S, appreciate all comments

  12. Acr if you understand crypto to deposit. Also has great mtts. Global is very soft and you can deposit with card and withdraw into bank account. Ignition/Bovada for cash and zoom poker. Also need crypto knowledge. I would stick with those 3

  13. I try to avoid home games with complete strangers. On a side note I really enjoyed that documentary. Making me realize playing for a side hustle is so much healthier

  14. Idk but I’m playing the colossus and the mini main. Hope to see some of you degens there

  15. Appx 5-8% of the player base are woman. So have at it. Anything that helps grow our game should be encouraged.

  16. Crashing here also. Only on warzone/resurgence. Multiplayer is fine

  17. If you’re going to play recreationally and have a good time, just go have a good time. Save up a buyin or half a buyin, or 2 buyins, and go play and have fun.

  18. Good advice. I think people forget this is supposed to be fun especially if you’re not a professional.

  19. Nice work dropping your affiliate link there bud.

  20. How much do these goobers make per sign up I wonder?

  21. What are you going to do about getting licensed to operate?

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