1. Just beat the #1 team in my league who was 11-1. Feelsgoodman

  2. Davante can you please fucking stop, I only have a 12 point lead

  3. I finally started CWatson with Hopkins on bye. Looks like it's going to be Amon-Ra, Hopkins and Christian Watson going forward. Amari Cooper about to hit the bench with massage boy back

  4. Could go either way, but if Fields takes any nasty hits early, that could be concerning. Im starting Lamar this week and hoping for 20-25 minimum in a 6 point passing league

  5. I know every team has their version of it, but that 3rd down horn blast sounds fucking terrible lol

  6. Ah i too am in the same predicament.

  7. Was able to grab Carr after someone dropped him..don't feel great about it. It will probably come down to a hobbled Fields start for me. On the edge of playoffs and need a boom lol. Hope yalls matches go well

  8. Need JT to remain under 1.6 lol.. hopefully they give him that fumble and it’s 3.6

  9. You may be able to get this data from the Sleeper API or by scraping the data from the desktop site. I’m only on the app right now but they have a projections tab that lists prior to season projects per position. I’ll have some time later and can check the site for it.

  10. As a Jacobs and Stevenson owner, it feels so good to hit this hard on later round picks. I usually strike out badly on my late round picks.

  11. Hell yeah that's a fucking awesome RB duo, how are you doing in your league's standings?

  12. Guy in my league started Jamaal Williams and Etienne and benched Sanders Lol

  13. Does Jones’s value dip significantly if Rodgers is out a few weeks?

  14. Extremely glad that I do not play the Josh Jacobs owner this week.

  15. I beat him last week but will probably see him in the playoffs again

  16. One of the smarter guys in our league, in 2nd at 7-4 benched Jacobs over Jeff Wilson Jr, and it's gonna cost him the win. Yes, we are all giving him heaping piles of shit

  17. Seeing the Mahomes/Rhamondre/Mike Evans owner in one of my leagues get knocked out of playoff contention today was fucking sweet

  18. Was able to grab and start KC D over Philly this week, didn't want my points going down tonight every time Aaron Jones scores. Good luck to all

  19. This was a good week to face Henry, Barkley and Patterson all at once. Pretty happy

  20. Dammit I am sorry, I benched Perine for ETN which I don't feel bad about but sucks

  21. Need to choose a Flex between Kirk and Perine. I am currently starting Najee and JWJ at RB and Higgins and Pittman at WR. Any suggestions?

  22. I'd go Kirk, Perine might blow up again, sure, but I feel like Kirk is the safer play and he always had boom potential

  23. Schultz and Amon ra have me fat and happy. Rhamondre dropping 20 would make my pants incredibly tight.

  24. As long as he doesn't trot Henderson in for goal line carries..

  25. Was gonna downvote for braggardliness but then saw you still have JJ to go and so do I so I upvote to keep the pattern of blowup games going

  26. Saquon “only” got 15+ points with minimal carries , zero game script, against like the best defense in the NFL

  27. Lol same here godwins finally got his groove back and Davante s been devante my 3 headed monster is running again

  28. Hell yeah that's a nice trio to have, my 3 WR's are Amon-Ra, Amari Cooper and DeAndre Hopkins

  29. Nice! I’m rocking with Tyreek, Amon-Ra, Godwin, and Keenan!! Looks like everyone is about to be 100% 😈

  30. Amon-Ra with the fucking greatness today! I'm guessing you're keeping Keenan on the bench rest of season since Hill and Godwin already had their byes

  31. Yall starting a semi healthy Lamar or banged up Fields? If Fields plays, that is

  32. Exact same boat. I’m currently leaning Lamar. Even if Fields plays I think he runs less and Jets D is not that nice to face for a pocket passer

  33. Same here, I wish they would just rest Fields this week and let the man heal a bit, I mean shit, he's been giving it his all and they're still losing

  34. Went to bed up 53 points against my opponent who only has Kelce and Aiyuk only to wake up to find out Kelce put up 35.5 points f***k! What are my chances of defending 17.5 against Aiyuk??

  35. Shitttt, you got the dub right? Aiyuk scored 16 against me but I already had it in the bag

  36. Won by 1 point thankfully haha can’t believe he got 2 TDs but stayed under 17 points!

  37. More of younger John/Lloyd and bunkhouse scenes. Less of younger/present Beth please, don't care if it's part of her "plan" Pretty sick of Beth honestly

  38. Praise be to that camera man who took that impact for Hopkins hamstrings

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