1. He's choosing not to jump over the fence, the same way he chose to throw a 90mph water bottle directly at her nose!

  2. We all know Kody withheld affection from his wives that were “outside of his favor.” Mykelti called Robyn Kody’s favorite in season 4.

  3. I get the impression Mykelti feels she knows all at a young age, including how to make a plural marriage work, inspite of being solo married and having been married 7 years vs 25+ years. It's like after freshmen take Psych 101 in college and start diagnosing people after one semester. I also feel Mykelti is the type to say "well, both of you need to ......" when there is one real culprit. Show me Mykelti with 3 other wives who frequently show up pregnant by Tony and Tony has one wife he giggles and spends all his time with, then tell me Tony is amazing and she is happy as can be!

  4. It depends on the type of insurance you have. Most insurance companies want you to see a primary care physician for a referral first. Why? Not everyone is capable of determining when to see a specialist & would go to a podiatrist(more expensive than a primary doc) for a sprained foot, whereas seeing a primary care physician first would have the physician determining the injury was just a sprain and needed ice and rest...without needing to involve an expensive podiatrist. People Google their symptoms and determine the worst and would go to an expensive dermatologist when a primary care physician would determine something was a follicular infection to be treated with antibiotics they prescribe. So, just call your insurance first and ask, so you dont get stuck with a bill. Podiatry on some insurances I have had, did not require a primary care physician's referral first and my current insurance does.

  5. This is NOT racist. It's great that employer's want to have a way to communicate with customer's who struggle with English. Yet, MAKE SURE that person CAN STILL...EFFECTIVELY communicate with those who speak only English, otherwise, we reach the same fate of not being able to communicate. And no, a worker being able to have basic English down is NOT a worker who "speaks English" and another language, when they miss the nuances of language and delete words they don't understand which changes the whole context of a sentence.

  6. The waif look feom the 90# is coming back for girls as is the rail thin heroin addict looking skinny band guy look...according to my fashion mags. Kim Kardashian(not a fab) was cited as proof of this change as she and her sister Khloe have gotten thin chucking their thick look of yesteryear

  7. As a mother, Christine should know this is the macaroni necklace painted yellow-orange & blue, that the kids made who eagerly watch as you open this gift...waiting for you to jump up and down, full of joy, and proclaim it your favorite gift ever & compliment their macaroni painting skill! Noooooo, you don't kill the mood & destroy their spirit by telling them they haven't mastered coloring as well as they think and that their color choice wasn't really working for your complexion! Christine's uber honest reaction(although, I agree the pendant is ugly af) damages her connection with Kody. Bad move! Take one for the team and lie!!!

  8. It's all fun and games until that shit comes unhinged and you got a pissed off 45 pound raccoon rampaging through your house like a horse on meth.

  9. It's fine until the birds regurgitate while you're eating. Don't worry, the raccoons and rats will help clean up the mess too, right in the privacy of your home. Awwww. 🤗

  10. Did u get a pain-pump or pain catheter inserted in your foot that you take out 3 days after surgery? Someone was telling me to ask the doc to get it. Also, are u on a knee scooter or did you choose crutches?

  11. I did not! Bunion-wise, I think I had a pretty mild surgery compared to some people in this subreddit, so I would definitely confer with your doctor about how necessary that would be. I found the pain to be pretty manageable with a rotation of the prescription stuff and ibuprofen. After like 48-72 hours, things got wayyyyyyy better. Really, after the first 4-5 days I found over-the-counter meds to be totally sufficient.

  12. No. You are at the point where the muscle/nerve contraction needs to be released to release wrinkles. No amount of La Mer, hemorrhoid creme, Oil of Olay, etc will help u. Go ahead and spring for 40 units of it off before it'a completely gone after your initial treatment and get rid of those lines! You'll feel much more confident

  13. Oh gosh crutches are the worst thing to move around in. It was super helpful getting to my apartment from the car after the surgery but I can’t last more than maybe 8 meters with crutches because of the weight of the splint and the thigh strength (hip and core too) needed to lift the leg and keep it lifted. Also need upper arm strength.

  14. This was amazing info!!!! I am soooooo scootering-it all the way!!! Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed!!!!! I feel much better after reading your timing, experience, & info on positioning of foot aka everything! lol. I'm really not as freaked out now. Thanks again!

  15. I would get crutches too because it’s just helpful to have both to get around

  16. Oh, thank u soooo much! My surgery date is Feb 22. I'm looking forward to it! Right now, my foot is paining me!

  17. She looks soooo much better without Kody baggage! Christine's looking fab and Janelle's getting healthy! Leaving Kody does wonders for your beauty & health! Meanwhile, Robyn looks like a wreck!

  18. And you can tell he thinks exactly this! He’s not dancing with his wives to dance with his wives…he’s dancing for himself to put on a show!

  19. After he dislocated Christine's arm, he kept on dancing! The * show * must go on! 🤡

  20. The nasolabial fold just became more apparent in the past 2 years. They seem deeper now compared to before. I'm wondering if there are non-surgical ways to make them less visible, or if there are ways to slow down the rate of them becoming more prominent.

  21. I get filler every year in my nasolabial folds. I don't get it in my cheekbone area like some recommend because my nurse who does it says I already have great cheekbones, she likes a natural look, and for right now, a little filler in my nasolabial folds does the trick without distorting the natural planes in my face.

  22. I'm only going from my bed to the bathroom on my scooter so I haven't put the sandal back on but will be sure to only put weight on my heel when wearing it. It was super frustrating to have it hurt so bad, I was afraid I was going to mess something up!

  23. What day post-op are you? Does your foot feel more painful on the knee scooter vs when elevated as u lay on your back? Did you use scooter from day 1?

  24. I’ve been working on a short story for years now, combining all these — drives me crazy as well!!!

  25. I'm getting my 3rd shortened at same time as bunion surgery on Feb 22. Please tell me, which area hurt most? The toe shorting area or the bunion orrrr is the whole foot in the same pain? Also, do you use crutches orna knee scooter? Lastly, how many days post surgery did your pain start to subside?

  26. I would have to say that the toe that got shortened was the most painful one but it was tolerable. The place with the lapiplasty just felt weird because I now had two plates there. I use crutches if I’m getting up to go to the bathroom, which in my house is short distance. If I’m going to be up for a while and moving constantly then I use the knee scooter. I would say that after day 5 the pain was much better and didn’t need the pain killers anymore. Good luck with your surgery!

  27. Crazy to me that she actually thinks sex is supposed to smell bad.

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