10 year old at a gun range

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  1. My GM got grandfathered into a newly built store, my AM and myself went with because of office drama, and I swear, every elderly regular from my old store followed us as well, one we see almost every day now.

  2. What's extreme? The elderly folks following us or the bad joke about myself?

  3. The elderly following you is absolutely extreme lol!

  4. Why are they being so difficult? Just get off the plane.

  5. That's a child shooting a rifle and pistol to be exact.

  6. LOL! More like a future MAGA cardholders

  7. Why do cringy reddit leftists think that right vs left politics is some fight between good and evil

  8. It is good vs evil. Trump tried to gut the ACA and leave over 23 million Americans without the healthcare they have due to the ACA. Gets no more evil than that.

  9. Try Dual OG by Galenas! Absolutely phenomenal

  10. I always knew the people I was buying from. Never had to do the fake handshake thing for weed before, and they always had options.

  11. Stop lying lol! Back in the day we didn’t have varieties from street dealers.

  12. YOU may not have.. I did.. I'm sorry your choices sucked so bad but the people I dealt with ALWAYS had varieties.. It's all in who you know..

  13. Lol stop trying to sound cool online man. It’s okay. We all smoked the same stuff.

  14. If they intervene, they can suffer serious legal reprecussions

  15. That’s insane! Wow, what a place to live!

  16. I saw them perform sober at multiple shows last tour but I also saw people on LSD attacking others around them too so I dunno.

  17. If the shark wanted to kill/eat him then that would that. He didn’t want to/wasting hungry but was definitely checking him out.

  18. EPBC’s taste is really delicious. I really enjoy this strain so glad I picked up a tenth to try. I hadn’t tried Galenas yet and I couldn’t have picked a better first of 2 to try from them.

  19. You must try Dual OG! It’s so damn good and extremely tasty!

  20. Haven’t been able to try EPBC yet but I’ve noticed from the pics here that it even kinda looks like lemon Dosidos lol

  21. It really does look alike, even breaks up the same too.

  22. 🥱 Okay? Someone change the record already.

  23. One of my favorite strains, also. So tasty, and hits just right.

  24. Agreed!! Even tastier than Lemon Dosidos!

  25. I feel like I have a better chance of winning the lottery than ever finding an Artifact jar of this. How are the terps?

  26. Is it better than Northern Frostberry? That was a very nice indica for me!

  27. The garlic snake breath smalls i had were really bad. But the dual og is always excellent

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