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  1. The batman is much more lifeless and inactive, a moody 3 hour long exercise in sedative atmosphere

  2. No, I replied to the right one. OP was talking about why he thinks BvS UE should be removed next, and then for some reason you started complaining about a film that isn’t even in the DCEU.

  3. Does Prey count as a horror movie? If not, then Black Phone (Those were the only two I watched)

  4. My favorites are Nando v Movies and Sean Chandler Talks About

  5. South Korean zombie horror is great! All the ones I've seen so far have the same erratic twitchy infected type similar to 28 Days Later so it almost holds up like a bunch of stories during the same outbreak.

  6. I absolutely loved Train to Busan and had no idea it had a sequel, so I’ll definitely check it out!

  7. me llamo T-bone la araña discoteca.

  8. Klaue was listed as a member of Intelligencia on his file

  9. I really hope that you were going to Orlando for a separate reason and just decided to do this while you were there, because the alternative is incredibly sad

  10. I’m conflicted. He’s clearly very raw and emotional and it feels real, but everything he’s saying about how to donate is setting off all of the “scam” alarms in my head

  11. Didnt batman run over thugs with the batmobile and blow them to pieces?

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