Student got a 98 on this because they didn’t do the bonus question

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  1. In fact you are spending it on you (and all of us westerners):

  2. I can fix the fatness, but how do I fix being unattractive

  3. How are you going to shit on your own cousin like that bro, I’m sure you are real popular in the family.

  4. There’s a difference between shitting on family and holding them accountable. Just because I’m related to you doesn’t mean I won’t call you out 🤷‍♀️

  5. They went through the horrible emotional experience of having an abortion and you think it is acceptable to be publicly shaming a family member experience grief? Wth is wrong with you?

  6. No they got a 98 because they did not circle the two other correct spellings of the words “convert” and “navigate”

  7. Yeah but I don’t think you can count that one since all the the other lines are just looking for the correct spelling of a certain word.

  8. But like how ancient? Romans? Greeks? Egyptians? We already talking BC? Did I hang w Jesus?

  9. “Hi, I know you just got into a car crash but can you take your shirt off and pose for a photo?”

  10. “How am I to be expected to lose all this weight when there are white people out there just living there lives?!”

  11. Kind of a waste of money though ngl….throwing money isn’t going to save the environment

  12. I finally saw it as white and gold for the first time….and then I realized what I was looking at and it switched back to blue and black.

  13. Oh I didn't get it at first. I thought he was trying to tell them that he was part of rap group called "suicide squad". Thought she shocked him so hard that he forgot to hand her his mix tape.

  14. I studied a little the day before but not too much just a quick run through of mark k notes. You got this, I passed my second time too with Archer (in 75 qs) kill it tomorrow!

  15. Yeah they fall in the same category of adults that still watch Disney movies, love Harry Potter, and think star wars is the best movie ever! Also still think Disney world/land is the best vacation possible.

  16. Because most people plan babies around the beginning of the year (January) 9 months later=September

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